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Da… Funny Pages!

with Jeannette Roth

One evening, I took my then 8 year old son and 3 year old daughter out to a movie. It was a very cold winter evening, and when the movie was over and we went out into the parking lot to the car, there was a chill wind blowing through the darkness.

I huddled into my coat and, wishing to get out of the frigid breeze as quickly as possible, I tried to hurry the kids along to the van. When we reached the vehicle, I quickly unlocked the side door and slid it open. My son clambered inside, but my daughter stepped in casually, and stood in the doorway. She then stuck her head out and turned it in the direction of the gusting air. Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth wide.

Puzzled and cold, I asked my daughter what she was doing. "It's freezing!," I exclaimed. I could hear her brother echoing my protests behind her: "Dani, get IN! I'm COLD!" But my daughter remained in her odd pose, and said nothing.

"Why on earth are you just standing there?," I inquired irritably. "What are you doing?"

Finally, my daughter spoke. "I'm tasting the wind," she said.

The reply was not what I expected. I stood briefly in stunned silence. Then, I began laughing out loud. My son didn't share in my amusement; "Make her get in, Mom," he whined, "so we can close the door!"

But the ingenuousness of my daughter's face, coupled with the charm of her proclamation, had completely captivated me. I felt I was getting a child's-eye view of something wondrous that I, as a jaded adult, had sadly come to take for granted. Not wishing for this special moment to pass too quickly, despite the uncomfortable temperature, I smiled and asked, "So… what does the wind taste like, sweetheart?"

Without missing a beat, my daughter innocently replied, "Chicken!"

Jeannette Roth has been collecting and studying tarot decks for over 20 years, and has presented lectures on topics related to tarot evolution and imagery around the midwestern U.S. for nearly 15 years. She is the co-owner of The Tarot Garden, which maintains the largest publicly-accessible database of 20th and 21st century tarot and cartomantic decks in the world.

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