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Ascending to Prime Matrix
by Julia Rogers Hamrick

"Heaven." "Paradise." "The Garden of Eden." These are not the names of a place in the clouds where we go when we die or the perfect piece of real estate--they are terms for Prime Matrix, the creative gestalt in which we, as human beings, are designed to thrive. It is our true vibrational home, found at the top of the frequency range for human existence. It is where joy, ease, peace, and perfect harmony manifest. It is our natural state and the one we are inhabiting when we first come into form on Earth.

There is, however, an additional creative matrix in operation here on the planet, and, though we are still operating in Prime Matrix when we are born, we are very soon assimilated into this alternate reality matrix called "duality." We spend our lives with a foot in each, suffering in the turmoil of duality, where we create struggle and strife, and taking brief vacations in the heavenly realm of Prime Matrix, partaking of the joy, ease, peace, and harmony experienced there.

While our totally loving God-Realized Self presides over Prime Matrix, ego is king of duality. Ego is the psychological overlay for the reptilian brain, and ego's agenda is aligned with the reptilian brain's agenda of fear and defense--not exactly a recipe for joy and harmony! Ego's very job is to keep us mired in duality, for only when we are operating there does ego even exist. Ego can't exist at higher frequency in Prime Matrix, so ego does all that it can to block the flow of Love from Source in order to keep us lower in frequency and operating in the only realm where it has any power.

Joy, ease, peace, and harmony--and, indeed, Love--are not features of the duality gestalt, and cannot be experienced within it, even though human beings have been seeking them there for millennia. Duality, which features the conflict of forces in opposition, the juxtaposed energy currents generated by human minds thinking in polarity terms, was originally created when human beings began to perceive and judge things in terms of opposing forces such as the manmade concepts of good and evil. Over the millennia, duality has come to dominate human experience. You might say that it is the "anti-heaven."

So, if Prime Matrix is where all the desirable experiences are, why would we stay in duality, the misery matrix? One theory is that duality, through contrast, provides interesting, often exciting, experiences, and, as God in human form, our existence is all about having experiences on behalf of the All. Duality, unlike Prime Matrix, provides the opportunity to experience the shadow side of Creation. Even though, from the human standpoint, things are far from pleasant in duality, and we are out of the flow of Life Force and under constant stress there, we are playing the "duality game" on behalf of God having a complete experience.

While this may well be the case, there's another dynamic in play here that keeps us immersed in duality. Besides the fact your ego is continuously tethering you to duality by making judgments and resisting the flow of Love, it is important to understand the duality matrix is of a lower vibrational frequency than Prime Matrix, and lower frequency is correlated with lower consciousness levels. Once humans enter the duality matrix, they tend to become stuck there because they are under the perception-lowering anesthesia of lower frequency, and thus are unable to see higher to not only understand how to rise out of it, but that there's a higher alternative.

Yet, the Creator installed the longing for joy, ease, peace and harmony in us so we would not become totally resigned to duality and would always have the incentive to come Home to Heaven--to Prime Matrix. Indeed, that longing grows stronger within us as we become more weary of the harsh conditions which manifest on Earth due to our participation in duality. The key to returning Home is in escaping the grip of ego, and the key to doing that is in transcending it by rising above it in vibrational frequency. Like Chinese handcuffs, you can't escape the trap of ego by resisting it or struggling against it--that merely serves to strengthen it, as resistance and struggle are ego characteristics.

To transcend duality and return Home, you simply relax and withdraw from the duality matrix by consciously embracing Prime Matrix and doing your divinely ordained job of consistently radiating Love. Then, like a helium balloon naturally floats heavenward when you release the string, so will you rise to Prime Matrix when you drop resistance and allow it to draw you to it. Through utilizing ease, which is a Prime Matrix characteristic, and doing what you were designed to do, which is to Love, you move out of duality, back to joy. By setting your intention to operate by the Love-based principles of Prime Matrix, you begin your ascent upward out of the grip of ego and the turmoil of duality.

There are many of us consciously answering the call back to Prime Matrix now, loosening duality's hold over us by putting Love first in all interactions. We are navigating higher and higher, using joy, the emotional hallmark of Home, as our guiding star. By choosing Love over fear, acceptance instead of judgment, unity thinking over separation thinking, and joy over angst, we align powerfully with Prime Matrix. As we do this, it makes it easier and easier for others to do so, too. With the rising in frequency of those of us who are able to see higher and make choices that move us into Prime Matrix more and more often, so the frequency of the Whole is exponentially raised, the magnetic power of Prime Matrix is strengthened in our experience, and the blissful experience of Heaven on Earth is widely manifest once more.

©2006 Julia Rogers Hamrick

Julia Rogers Hamrick, author of Recreating Eden and spiritual-growth facilitator for over two decades, spontaneously revisited the reality state called "Eden" in 1982 when her response to a catastrophic illness catapulted her to a radically higher frequency. For more on her Eden experience, read the introduction to Recreating Eden: here.

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