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Could The Key To Heaven Be A Liver Sandwich?!
by Martin Avery

The "Key of Heaven" is a video game developed by Climax. It is an action RPG (role playing game) with a distinctly Oriental flavour. You take the role of Shinbu, a former disciple of the Seiryu clan, who got kicked out of his community for attempting to read what was written on the 'Monument of Secrets'. What was written there was the key to heaven. It is something only the hardest of the hard are permitted to do.

I won't reveal the secret of the game but I can give you this hint: It has something to do with using healing medicine as soon as you get tired.

I studied with Margot Anand after reading her book, Everyday Ecstasy, which reveals the seven Tantric keys to heaven. They are called The Root of Creation, The Flowing Stream, The Radiant Sun, The Pulse of Life, The Song of the Soul, The Full Moon, and The Open Sky.

Those keys are the names of meditative exercises aimed at clearing and then filling the seven main chakras. Anand recommends doing the exercises first thing in the morning to create a joyous, harmonious day.

I studied with Deepak Chopra after reading his books, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life. He suggests these three keys will let you in to heaven: 1. Don't make this a self-improvement project. 2. Don't set yourself a timetable. And 3. Don't wait for a miracle.

Louise L. Hayes, on the other hand, says, "This Earth is our heaven."

I say the key could be a liver sandwich.

I studied with Janet Amare after reading her book, Soul Purpose. She teaches a course in energy medicine leading to a Certificate In Spiritual Healing (CISH) for the Centre of International Holistic Studies, located in Toronto.

One of the techniques she teaches is a liver cleanse or detoxification.

Can you hear Homer Simpson saying, "Mmmmmmm!"

That's what I said after my first energetic liver sandwich.

Janet Amare told us to talk to our livers, saying, "I'm sorry I've been holding onto anger and rage. I'm sorry I've been asking you to hold on to it."

There are a thousand little chemistry stations in the liver, she explained. The liver secretes bile so that any fats taken into your body can be absorbed and assimilated. It helps with the metabolism of your body. It makes cholesterol. It transforms toxins so they won't harm your body. It takes protein from meat, cheese, and grains, for use by your body.

We learned that the liver has seven chakras and you can see them light up as you balance and fill it with energy. That connects your liver to all your chakras.

A liver cleanse is good for someone who has toxins in their liver from drugs and alcohol, surgery, chemotherapy, a toxic workplace, toxic buildings, or a toxic environment.

"You can feel anger in your liver," Amare says. "Don't let anybody tell you that you can't feel your liver. You can feel when it's toxic. You can feel the liver moving on an energy level."

To cleanse your liver, she says, "Put your energy hand on your liver, close your eyes, tune in to your liver, and any anger or rage you are holding inside about yourself or anyone else, and send waves of light and love energy into your liver."

Make a commitment to express that energy outwards.

Here's how to do "The Sandwich Technique":

Put one hand above the liver and one hand below it and sandwich it, sending energy from one hand to the other, back and forth, as in a fill and balance.

In a liver sandwich, you send it from one hand to the other and pull the energy with the other hand, then send it shooting out the back of your hand. Send it back to source.

Send with one hand, receive with the other hand, and send it out the back of the receiving hand.

After you sink your energy hand into the liver, send a low vibration into the liver like a low rumble. Think of the vibration breaking up what is stored in the liver.

Send in a combination of sound and light.

You can sandwich the liver and pull the energy out with one hand or put both hands on top of the liver and pull the energy out with both hands. Push and pull, push and pull… Repeat several times. Repeat the rumble and do the suck and pull several times.

You should only release a bit at a time. Don't spend an hour cleansing a liver, spend about ten minutes. Release whatever is in their highest interest to release at that time.

After about ten minutes, imagine a wave of light and sound soothing the liver.

I'll never forget the first time I had this kind of a liver sandwich. The treatment felt heavenly. When it was over, I felt happy, calm, and re-energized. It was quite an emotional experience. I don't cry often but having my liver sandwiched had the same effect as chopping onions: Through tears, I got rid of many of the chemicals stored in my body that can be released that way.

I've heard many people talk about how good they feel after "a good cry". That may even explain the appeal of deeply moving novels and movies. They move us to tears.

When I was taught the techniques used in cleansing or detoxifying a liver, I thought I had been given the key to heaven. Who knew it would take the form of a liver sandwich?!

Martin Avery, B.A., B.Ed., M.F.A., A.Q. Drama, CISH, Reiki Master, Quantum-Touch Practitioner, of Soul Guides & Spirit Mates. He is an author, educator, and healer. An amateur gardener and cook but a professional writer, photographer, and workshop facilitator. He's also behind The Great Canadian Winter Novel Marathon in February. Feel free to visit his website.

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