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Volume 3 Issue 5 ISSN# 1708-3265
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Meditate A Moment
featuring: Aleesha Stephenson

For many people, their "key to heaven" is finding their centre. Learning to become peaceful and serene. Allowing the worries of their day to drift away and replace their thoughts with quiet serenity.

There are many different ways to meditate, it's really a very personal relationship with Self. When I meditate I like use visualization to assist my mind to relax and release any stress, anger or other emotions, replacing them with peace. Then I simply rest my mind in the quiet of the moment until I'm ready to return to my day.

Close your eyes. Allow your thoughts to drift away and gently ground yourself. Visualize yourself in a field of flowers. Allow the colours to form before you. Don't force them, instead just allow.

What kinds of flowers are appearing within your mind's eye? Tulips, roses, marigolds?

Reach out and pick one of the flowers. Feel the stem and deeply inhale it's fragrance.

A huge bubble of pink is drifting towards you. Inside the bubble is all your stresses, all the people and situations which are causing you any degree of emotional upset. Gently, with the purest of love, blow your love at the bubble… assisting it to slowly float away, catch the breeze and move away into the distance, past the horizon and beyond your sight.

Again focusing on the field of flowers, draw your focus back down to one single blossom. Allow yourself to see the intricate centre, filled with pollen… the abundant sweetness of life itself. Focus on that sweetness. Allow yourself to simply be.

When you feel ready, slowly return. Wiggle your toes, feeling the ground beneath your feet. Return to your day regenerated and saturated with peaceful serenity.

Aleesha Stephenson is the Publisher, Editor, Graphic and Web Designer as well as a Regular Columnist for Timeless Spirit Magazine.

A Reiki Master Teacher, who lives her Buddhist, Shamanic, with many eclectic Pagan beliefs, she home-schools two of her three spiritually enlightened children as her eldest has graduated and moved on to the school of life. Friend (and mother) to them all, she is also a life-partner to her husband David. Her life truly is filled with light.

Aleesha teaches classes in Tarot, Meditation and Reiki. For more information, please contact Aleesha via email or visit her personal web page.

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