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Songs for the Journey Home
Alchemy Throught Imagery: A Tarot Pathway

Dwariko von Sommaruga
and Catherine Cook

This deck is very unique. Rather than the usual Court Cards, Major and Minor Arcana they have chosen to create "songs". Instead of using the usual pentacles, rods, cups and swords they have chosen Earth, Flame, Wave, and Wind.

Starting first with the Major Arcana: These are "Life Songs" explained to us in the L.W.B. (little white book - which by the way is not white but pink, purple and blue!). "Life Songs", our life journeys, reflect experiences which resound powerfully within us. For the most part they keep the usual names of the Major Arcana with a few exceptions.

Next we move onto the Court Cards: These are the "Shell Songs" - mirrors of the roles we play out in our lives. Pages are renamed "Innocence", Knights have become "Awakening", Queens are "Creating" and finally Kings are "Resolving". So the Shell Songs become: Earth Innocence, Flame Innocence etc.

Finally we get to the Minor Arcana, or in this case "Hearth Songs". Within these final 40 cards are the everyday joys, disruptions and self-deceptions, highlighting how we respond to the conficts and challenges within our daily lives.

I want to take one more moment to explain the suits. Earth Songs relate to the physical world. Flame Songs highlight our creativity and sources of inspiration. Wave Songs are the emotional cards of the deck and finally Wind Songs are intellectual.

The L.W.B. goes on to explain the numbers of the cards as well which I really like. Being a student of numerology (and having a Mother who is a gifted numerologist in her own right), I enjoy learning more about how numbers relate in our lives. It also provides a very nice learning opportunity for those who are new to 'the power of numbers'.

The creators of this deck begin their explanations making one thing very clear… do not put just one meaning on any of these cards. Allow them to sing to your soul, whisper in your ear, jump off the cards and visually scream at you (if that's what they want to do in that particular reading). Don't limit yourself!!!

When I began using these cards, at first they seemed much too small (as I'm using the small version of the deck.) My 'over 40 eyes' don't see the details like they used to so take that into consideration before choosing the size of this deck you would most like to order. But once I was able to sit with a good light (no candle-light readings with these cards unfortunately for me) the depth of my readings was astounding. The clarity, the honesty… and the peaceful serenity I felt after each reading was wonderful.

They spoke about aspects of my life which were affecting me at the time but from a different, deeper level than most tarot cards can provide. Definitely a great deck to use for soul searching and emotionally charged issues. They shine a light within your very soul and show you you.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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