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Bumper Sticker Fundraiser
"Proud Parent of a Homeschooler"

by Scott Wood

Greetings Homeschooling Families:

My name is Scott Wood. I am 14 years old and I have always been homeschooled. My passion is playing the bagpipes in solo competition and with the Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band throughout British Columbia, Canada and the United States. My twin brother, Tyler, plays the side drum. We play and volunteer at various events in the **Lower Mainland — almost on a weekly basis. I enjoy playing for seniors as they inevitably will start to sing, especially when I play Flower of Scotland or Amazing Grace. I compete in 4 mini competitions and 10 highland games annually. This August, I am adding another competition to my itinerary — the most dignified Highland Games in the World: The World Pipe Band Championship at Glasgow Green in Scotland. I set the goal to play at the Worlds when I was 10 years old — and with a lot of time and effort — I am living my dream. I have come up with a small fundraiser to help offset some of my costs which I hope will be of interest to you.

I have noticed over the years cars with bumper stickers that read: "Proud Parent of an Honour Role Student" or "Proud Parent of a Water Polo Athlete". My parents, for years, ALWAYS comment when we see such stickers that they are "Proud Parents of Homeschoolers"!

I have designed a bumper sticker which says: "Proud Parent of a Homeschooler". I decided to do this because Homeschooling is getting very popular… we meet more and more homeschoolers these days, and I thought it would be really cool to see these stickers on the road. I hope you think it's cool too! (I found out after I ordered the stickers that the owner of the print shop homeschools his kids!)

These stickers provide an opportunity to celebrate homeschoolers and to bring awareness of homeschooling. It is a vinyl sticker with dark blue writing on a white background. Cost is $6.00 which includes postage.

For any inquiries via email.

Please include your name and address with all requests.

Make cheque or money order payable to:

Scott Wood
2832 Maxwell Place
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
V3B 6B1

Paypal is also accepted.

Stickers will be sent out upon receipt of payment. Thanks in advance for your support and thanks to those who have already ordered and the wonderful encouragement. Please share this page with other homeschooling friends, family and groups to help me fund my dream!

God Bless!
From a proud homeschooler,

Scott Wood

**Editor's Note: The Lower Mainland is comprised of many different cities whose borders all meet within the Greater Vancouver Area in British Columbia.**

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