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Steppingstones to Your Reality
by Rev. Cheryl Jewett

Words, words, words. From day one, we are surrounded by them. These oft-perceived elusive, disjointed entities known as words define meaning to us, creating our reality, hopefully a loving soothing place to be. But, if you read or listen to the news too much, you probably feel like words bombard you, creating a reality closer to a perception of the world being a deadly place to be. That's why many metaphysically-oriented people advise limiting exposure to it.

"In the beginning was the Word," per Biblical proclamation; a few brief words to explain the whole of creation. Talk about the power of words! Seriously though, think about that. Preceding any human invention, any creation, whether that is Michigan's mighty Mackinac Bridge or the always usable and adaptable wheel, comes a mystical energy seed in the form of a word or a thought which is quite often called either Spirit or Divinely Inspired Intuition, essentially one and the same.

The word is the individual's crayon of reality, coloured with tones and hues of one's own choosing. Is it too loud and brassy or too soft and cuddly, bold as a daffodil on a snow-covered earth or timid as a kitten hiding under a blanket? Does the chosen word allude to peace or a battle of wills? Is it able to stand on its own or need to be surrounded by other blends or opposites for appropriate meaning to come forth? Words are incredibly magical, interpreted differently by diverse people. It's like any observation - show two people the same thing and each will perceive and describe it differently. Varied meanings for the same objects and situations.

Words define what you have faith in or are fearful of; they truly are powerful energies, manifestations of thoughts perceived by feelings, each word an energy seeking to express itself meaningfully. Now, I'm not saying you need to be a proficient wordsmith to express yourself. Just be aware of the weight and power words have, and how you use them.

What words you choose, crafts your reality. So, do you want to live your life with faith or fear? If you choose faith, then eventually you will come to an acceptance of the concept Divine Order. We don't know why things happen in life, but we do come to believe there is a Divine Order behind each life event. And, we will only discover what that is when we, at our appointed time, go to the Other Shore. If you choose to live a life of fear, then you'll forever be running on a treadmill attempting to escape the dark shadows of life.

Your reality is created through each and every perception you make in your life which makes it even more crucial that you become a silent witness to this inner world of thoughts and feelings. This inner world, in turn, creates your outer world of events, objects, and relationships. Not what is seen before your eyes, but what is in your mind, your expectations. It is your perception only of reality.

You need not be a prisoner of your present "reality", however. Perceptions can be changed once you become aware of their questionable presence in your life. Make a conscious decision to be proactive with the intention to make a reality of your own choosing. Intention is your soul energy connecting with your physical reality. So, intend to choose words and phrases which transmit loving healing energy, a reality that soothes the earth and its inhabitants.

You observe, you feel, you think, you speak. When these expressions become negatively habitual, you realize that it's way past time to form a fresher, happier groove in your mind. Put in a higher wattage light bulb; crank up the music of enlightenment, and feel the golden glow of the healing, soothing God-Consciousness flowing throughout your entire system.

Even if your world appears dark, dreary and difficult, you can take hope. Change is in your hands, in your mind. It is a choice, a viable option, a decision to craft your own reality apart from your upbringing or any other situation in your life so far. Surely, making changes in life takes courage, a courage not necessarily born with, but a bravado which is honed through the alchemic process called life.

I believe the true measure of a person is not in what happens to that person, but what that person does with the happening. The choice is, as it needs to be for the lesson to be learned, in their hands. Perseverance and self-confidence. Or, despair and misery. Healing in the name of oneness or dividing and conquering in the name of individual ego; all beginning with words you choose which leads to what you believe about not only yourself, but other people, places, things, and situations.

Self-truth is, although we are individuals, we are as ONE, interconnected in spirit. Our reality IS God expressing through physical form and matter. This is what Christ conveyed when he said, "the Father and I are ONE". He did not mean it just for himself, for he also said, "All of you are equal unto me." Remember, however, what hurts one, hurts the other. What heals one, heals the other. By keeping this in mind, your conscious mind sees and hears the truth of who and what you really are, bringing forth a peace, an understanding, and a wisdom overspreading your very being.

An Army chaplain in Iraq, and a student-survivor of the horrible Virginia Tech University massacre despair, ask "Why does God allow this to happen?" God is not allowing the killing. The Great God-Spirit gave each one of us a free will. People are doing this to other people, not God. Sometimes, it's easier to blame someone else, and then, you don't have to take responsibility on any level whatsoever. But please, don't blame the Magnificent and Gracious Creator of Life. Does that question come from shock or a cautious approach to acceptance of the horror visited upon them? Without a doubt, what happened will become a part of their lives, no matter how long they live or what they do with their lives. Each happening in life, be it joyous or sad, becomes a mystical thread in the very tapestry of the soul.

Still, as in everyone's life, there are Ouch Factors. #1. Acknowledging what happens in life is Divine Order, meaning it is what it is. It is what your pre-birth-soul agreed to, based on what lessons you need to learn to perfect your eternal soul; and then #2. Realizing you need to take responsibility for everything in your life. Not necessarily directly, but perhaps indirectly. And not necessarily each and every moment because I believe we learn and grow every holy instant we are alive. And, a decision we made in one moment, we would make differently later.

Now, I leave you with food for thought - an affirmation firmly embedded in my consciousness from the countless metaphysical material I've read, and a prayer from my website.

"The most powerful thing I can do to change my
world is to change my beliefs about the nature of
life, people, and reality to something more positive,
and then, begin to act accordingly."

Not only does this statement re-focus your mind, but it affirms there is a better way to live. With each positive thought, deed, and word, steppingstones are laid toward an increased reality of self-love, self-confidence, and peace, Divine Peace.

Beyond Words

O' Gracious and Divine Creator, rivet my attention to the words and thoughts that flit around and through my mind each and every moment.
Such power of choice, I have in deciding which ones to focus on.
By drawing aim at the loving, gentle thoughts and words, I make my life a living beacon of the Great God-Spirit's Divine Light.
Remind me that perception creates feelings, and feelings create thoughts.
With emotional release, I have learned to choose my words carefully.
I am willing to allow any healing thoughts and feelings to enter my Being, and set me free.
I seek only words which liberate me from hateful thoughts and actions.
I never know the exact words or form to use when I want to talk with You, God.
So, I'm just going to BE.
Be the best person I can be, thus fulfilling this all-consuming yearning I have within to merge my mind and heart with Your Sweet Spirit.
Words are so powerful, symbolic of all that is good or all that is bad.
Show me which words heal and comfort; lead me toward using them, and only them.
Thanks be to God.
And, so it is.


I now claim my power of choice.

Cheryl, from Michigan, says, "Having had Multiple Sclerosis for almost thirty years, I've learned much about adapting and squeezing joy out of life. Therefore, I am a metaphysical minister who believes God is in everything, everywhere. And, the Sweet God-Spirit surely lives in my little Maya-puppy, who kept me connected with life after my youngest son was killed in a freak automobile accident ten years ago."

Cheryl seeks to inspire healing, so she developed a website dedicated to those who are grieving.

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