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On Honey Bees and the Global Creation of Reality

with Dawn Baumann Brunke

The honeybee 'mystery' has provoked much human thought and concern recently. Scientists and environmental researchers enumerate a number of possible causes — escalating climate changes and use of insecticides to parasites and cell phone radiation. We even have an interesting name for the bee's decline: Colony Collapse Disorder.

While thinking about the theme for this issue of Timeless Spirit, I wondered what the bees might have to say about this situation in relation to how we create our reality. That is, what do the bees think/feel about this 'disorder' and how is it related to our global creation of reality?

"We speak to you from beyond the realm of physical bees and specific colonies. We are more of a Honey Bee Deva or Over-voice. We speak for Honeybees in general and, specifically, the relationship of honeybees to the planet.

"The answer to all of the 'causes' proposed by humans is: Yes. All of these theories hold a certain correctness to them because they are all projections of the human inner knowing that the planet is undergoing some vast, deep changes.

"The 'collapse disorder' is a dis-ordering of life as you know it. It is, indeed, a collapse of structure and certain rigid rules and manners of thinking which no longer serve the 'colony' — which is not only honeybees, but humans, animals, plants, the planet as a whole.

"You will see this with many other species as well. Many animals are willing to mirror human fears so the humans can see what they are doing. The projection of fear is rampant… the colony is collapsing, though not just of honeybees.

"First, we will tell you that 'in the end' honeybees will be just fine. If we do not survive this framework of reality, we will shift ourselves to another. There is no reason to 'feel sorry for' honeybees. At the same time, we came here to perform a job and our warnings are now alerting your media and people — not only of our plight, but of your own.

"What humans often fail to see is that the outer world is in direct relationship to the inner world. Always. We mean this more literally than you may realize. The 'climate' is getting too hot or too cold: global warming (or cooling) is a condition of the human machine overheating — or freezing up. This speaks to imbalance. Just as a collapse disorder is a mirror of one aspect of the human colony falling apart.

"We do not wish to engage in 'blame'. There is no blame or guilt or judgment in a mirror - it is simply a reflection: inner to outer, outer to inner.

"Let us bring this round to your topic: How do you create your reality? At this point in human evolution, you create it by reflecting who and what you are. The human animal has a defensive gesture of hiding in individuality or group consciousness as serves its need. 'I am an individual, not responsible for this' is an ego viewpoint which fails to see the greater consciousness of which you—we—are all a part. 'I am just a part of the group' serves to dilute individual responsibility. And so you vacillate, losing the deeper sense of who you really are.

"Most animals have a clearer perception of their role and personal responsibility, both within and without group consciousness. We are ALL responsible. We ALL shine our light onto and through this world.

"The collapse of the hive does not necessarily mean destruction - unless that is where you hold your consciousness. Perhaps you might allow your thoughts to expand — to venture beyond the framework of your own small colony and ask yourselves what lies beyond. When a group of animals (or humans) die, a new version is created. There are vast cycles — as your own human mythology will reveal to you — of destructions and creations. This is where we stand.

"The honeybees bring a brilliance of love and nurturing to this planet. Our honey is the salve and energetic nutrition which enables golden healing to occur.

"Look deeper within yourselves to the 'answer' to this mystery. What you find will be the answer to your own mystery play, your own mystery teaching, which is none other than the awakened healing of this planet.

"Spirit of Honeybees"

Editor's Note: If you are unaware of the "Colony Collapse Disorder" Dawn mentions in her column, please Click Here.

Dawn Baumann Brunke is the author of Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life and Awakening to Animal Voices: A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life. Both books explore the deeper nature of our relationship with animals, nature, each other and ourselves. For more, see Dawn's website.

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