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The Journey of Empowerment
Understanding Your Purpose And Fulfilling It

by Linda Drake

As a Spirit chosen life path healer I work with Spirit and Abraham, as well as the Masters. Abraham is a group consciousness of the light dedicated to working with humanity. They bring us the wisdom of Spirit to enlighten us to the purpose of our soul's journey. They understand the importance of each lifetime our soul chooses to experience and the soul's determination when choosing our issues for each particular lifetime. Their messages come with love and support but I often consider them to be an invaluable instruction book for our lives. Abraham explained to me a God consciousness created humanity but Spirit also gave us free will to create the lives necessary for our soul's advancement to a higher awareness.

Abraham's message: Is there a purpose to your life and how do you fulfill it? That is the question so many of you are asking. As you begin each lifetime of your soul's journey a purpose is chosen by your higher self for that particular lifetime but so often you become caught up in surviving the daily challenges of life, your human consciousness forgets you actually have a purpose to fulfill. The wonderful part of this is that your higher self never forgets its purpose and it continually creates opportunities for the advancement of your soul. You have the power within you to create what you desire but few of you recognize this power and you function in the darkness of your negativity. If you desire to take back your power there are tools to help you function within this empowered state.

The first tool is learning to connect with your higher consciousness to awaken the knowledge within you of how very powerful you really are. Look at the life you have created for your self. If you can create a life of such challenges, just think what you could create with a positive focus and intent.

The next tool is having the awareness of your chosen issues for this lifetime. You chose certain issues you wanted to experience and learn about. Through the experience of those issues negative beliefs are established and you are challenged to overcome these beliefs, thus finding the empowerment to make better choices for your life. This is where your soul's growth is attained and the lessons are learned.

Sometimes your challenges seem to be so enormous, you temporarily lose control of your lives creating even more challenges. Negative forces are working around you at all times and it is your responsibility to make the best choices for your life path and find the empowerment that Spirit has instilled within you. You have the power take back control of your life and stand in the light through the awareness of your chosen issues.

These are just a few of the tools of empowerment and there are many more available to you. Join us for the journey of empowerment.

Linda Drake is a well-known life path healer, medium, and author who works with various aspects of healing. One of her specialties is communicating with spirits who have crossed over to bring healing to those on both sides. Linda offers workshops through The Learning Annex nationwide and is a popular keynote speaker at many mind, body and spirit expos and conferences.

Linda has appeared on ABC TV & NBC TV, national radio and publications worldwide. She is currently doing a nationwide book tour. Visit www.lindadrakebooks.com

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