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Being Mindful
Creating the Reality We Already Have

by Janet Alston Jackson

Some of us spend a lot of time trying to create our reality in the form of visualizing more money, better relationships and success in our careers. When these visualizations do not manifest into what we dreamed we get frustrated.

Mindfulness, learning to live in the moment, is about being aware that the perfect world is already within us. It's about waking up from the dream like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and realizing that we already have everything we have desired in our hearts. We don't have to go off to far away places in our minds or put a lot of energy into the law of attraction to create our dreams. Mindfulness is being aware that in each moment we have been given, there is a present, a gift, waiting for us to discover.

How do we tap into the gifts our higher power has already given us? How do we accept the gifts of peace, abundance, health and success? The answer is to live in the now. For example when we are doing a task and our mind wanders, we can gently bring it back to the present moment instead of letting it run rampant hashing over yesterday or worrying about what we will do when we finish. This helps to calm our stressful, busy minds which always think we don't have enough in life. It keeps us searching and doing instead of being and appreciating what we already have.

Finding moments during our busy days to become aware of our breath to calm ourselves is another way to live in the moment. We don't have to change the breath… just be aware of the inhales and exhales flowing. This helps to calm us and bring us back to centre. We can do this when we lie in bed at night, while standing in the shower, sitting at a red light in our cars, waiting for a meeting to begin, taking a moment before we eat, standing in a line, or wherever we can steal a few moments just to centre our selves. Of course if we can find more time to meditate that's great, but what's important is to frequently turn inside.

When we find those precious quiet moments, appreciating a sunset, or looking at a flower, we can then be thankful for the gifts we have already been given. It's important to give thanks for simple things we take for granted like waking up in the morning or even being able to read this article. How many people around the world have lost their sight?

If we tune into the gifts we already have, our hearts open to receive more, and suddenly more gifts materialize. If we want a relationship in our life, we need to be aware of the relationships we already have and give thanks.

When we are in a receptive mode of giving thanks, and not in a getting mode of trying to create, we discover the reality… the truth. Our Higher Power has already given us what we are seeking.

Janet Alston Jackson is the author of "A Cry for Light: A Journey into Love." To order books and CD's, schedule Janet for speaking engagements, or subscribe to Janet's newsletter, visit her website, email, or call Self Awareness Trainings toll free 1-877-796-8288. You can also order Janet's book from Amazon.com.

Janet Alston Jackson, a certified seminar leader, has facilitated self-awareness workshops to a variety of audiences since 1993. She often teams with her husband Walter Jackson (author of "Sporting the Right Attitude"), to facilitate fun, high-energy motivating trainings for which the couple is known. This unique husband-and-wife team has been guests on numerous radio talk shows around the country, and have made appearances on KCET, public television.

Janet is a certified behavioral consultant, a certified anger management consultant, and a certified seminar leader. Through their motivational company Self Awareness Trainings, the Jacksons have given numerous workshops on "How to Effectively Communicate," "Releasing Stress," and "Mindfulness Trainings" to a variety of audiences including corporate executives, parents, teachers, women in recovery, prison personnel, health care workers, and entertainment industry executives.

Janet co-founded with Walter, Believe In Yourself Inc, a non-profit self-esteem program for children and their parents.

Janet earned her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the California State University at San Jose. She started her television career as a production assistant for the Los Angeles local CBS station, and she was a news writer for the Los Angeles CBS owned radio station, KNX Newsradio.

A strong advocate for children, Janet was a Court Appointed Special Child Advocate (CASA) and a board member for their fundraising arm, Friends of Child Advocate. Today she is a board member for Child Care Resource Center, which serves thousands of families in Los Angeles County.

The author and her husband Walter, have three teenagers, Ryan, Devon and Jada,and one very loveable Chow named Simba. They live in Los Angeles.

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