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Light Lean Healthy Being Movie
Mary Robinson Reynolds

I believe very strongly in affirmations, mantras and creating our reality on a moment-by-moment basis, so when I first saw this movie I believed very strongly it would change my life. Little did I know just how deeply this change would occur.

I chose to experience this in a different way than it was perhaps intended by Mary Robinson Reynolds. I downloaded the music and words onto a blank CD so I could listen to it in bed right before I meditate, Reiki and go to sleep. I also turned on the CD first thing in the morning… so every day begins and ends with this wonderfully affirming message.

I've had some health issues which I happily ignored, telling myself it was nothing to be concerned about. Watching this movie and listening to the words as she speaks them, my health issues came to the forefront and I was put into a position of taking them seriously.

Clearing these issues has brought my body into a place of greater health. Here I was expecting this to be all about weight, when in fact, for me this was more about creating a "healthy being".

I also found myself resonating strongly with healthier foods. When given the choice, I found myself craving and reaching for the healthier choice. This wasn't a conscious choice on my part, but rather a deeper unconscious choice, which in my opinion, made the transition even easier. If you are no longer craving ice cream but rather find yourself REALLY wanting some frozen fruit - then eating healthier isn't a struggle at all. You are still indulging your cravings, it's just your cravings have changed.

I believe creating a healthy being is a many-layered path/spiral and now that my 'first level' of issues have been taken care of, I eagerly welcome the next level of health this affirmation will unravel before me (or rather within me!)

This is a great read. Mary shares her thoughts and beliefs regarding this affirmative movie.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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