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Sacred Mirrors Cards
Alex Grey
ISBN-13#: 978-1-59477-162-0
ISBN-10#: 1-59477-162-6

The Sacred Mirrors Cards are a deck of twenty-three 5" by 8" cards. The cards come in a handy, sturdy box that closes magnetically: The cards are very portable - Aleesha (Publisher of Timeless Spirit Magazine) would love this - they fit right in my purse!

Each card illustrates different body systems: skeletal, nervous, lymphatic, cardiovascular, psychic energy, muscle tissue etc. There are also cards of nude men and women of different ethnicities, as well as different religious figures, and more. Basically, the cards show us how we tick; spiritually and physically through beautiful paintings.

Each card has a graceful, explanatory poem on the back to shed a light of greater understanding on each image. The cards are gorgeous, I use them to meditate and contemplate our physical and spiritual existence.

Each body has many systems which all work together in harmony: Humanity could take a lesson from our anatomy. These cards got me thinking about how our body systems working together for the greater whole is similar to how each individual person is part of the greater whole.

I really like this deck of cards. "What are they for?" is what people say when they see them. "For looking at… and thinking about" I reply. This is a very peaceful, unique deck of cards. It could for all intended purposes, be a book of images instead of a deck of cards but I love that these paintings are displayed in a deck. You really need to take each card out of the deck and focus on it alone; and then, add it to the deck and think about how it contributes to the rest of the cards. Two thumbs up.

Reviewed by
Amanda Bugeaud

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