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Wyrd Lynx

with John Sacelli

While the entire language of Angelish and the Angelynx Oracle are concerned with the creation of reality, three Angelynx cards strike me as having special focus: WORD, IMAGE and THOUGHT:

"Words are spelled because they are castings of spells. Words are placed in sentences because we are sentenced to live by the spells we cast." This basic tenet of Angelish (The Original Language) explains the opening verse of the Book of John: In the Beginning Was the Word. The Angelish language (based on English, but derivable from any language) demonstrates how God created the world, using words composed of letters (let-ers; givers of permission for energy states to take place). Letters in turn are either vowels (vows of El or promises of God, El being the name of God at the time our alphabet was first formulated) and consonants (con-sonants; 'soundings with'; patterns of energy formation which accompany vowels).

In Angelish, angels are angles, or directions of emanation from the divine center; that is, words are 'spoken' because they are spokes of the 'wheel of the law', which keeps the universe unfolding or 'rolling on'. But Words are guided by Images (I Mages; magical guides). That is, the left brain which governs word formation is integrated with the right brain imagery in creating reality. We call this integration of Word and Image - Thought. Thought is both 'the ought' - or the emptiness, the vacuum of non-being from which being emerges. But also 'Thee Ought', or the creation of moral imperatives as to what should be. Our thoughts are continually erasing the past and replacing it with the future. Words (castings of spells) and Images (magical beings) as we believe (by leave, belief, or be leaf of the Tree of Life) the universe ought to be.

If our thoughts are focused on creating harmony and beauty around us, they go 'straight to the target'; this is called Spirit (spear it). If our thoughts are distorted, they are in a state of illusion (ill use I am on).

Creating the world (what is) out of the whirled (what could be) is the purpose of Word, Image and Thought. We are in 'Creator School' when we learn to use an Alphabet (alpha-bet - aleph-beth, alpha-beta - means sky-earth, male-female, or spirit-matter). Becoming literate tests our litter-rate - how many 'trees of life' do we waste on sales catalogs as opposed to the poet-tree? This is also called 'illiterate' or the illness litter rate.

Casting too many spells, using too many words, is not good for us, and our scientists are warning us that our cell phones may be imprisoning us in increasing separation, driving the bees from their nests, endangering not only the honey or sweetness of life, but our very bee-ing if plants are not pollinated. The excessive buzz of the hum-man communication system may require some time in the silence (psi-lens) in order to gain new focus (folk us) on what is truly important to the collective. Some things are better left unspoken.

Even scientists recognize that values (the Good, the Beautiful, the Just and the True) are what create reality - the physical as the fizz I call - and they call what May be Virtual Reality. It is our Words, Images and Thoughts which 'collapse the field' of possibility into the world we actually live in.

While experiencing a series of Shamanic Visions in the early 1980's, John Sacelli met his totem Lynx (links) who introduced him to a series of inter-dimensional, alternative and past life adventures, and also to 'Angelish, the Original Language'. Angelish is the basis for the angeLynx Oracle deck, which John has developed along with visionary artist Chris Deschaine. John has conducted workshops in Polarity Therapy, Kundalini Yoga, Deep Tissue Massage, Soul Circles, The Dreamtime and Shamanism across North America.

To learn more about the Vows of El, or Angelish, the Original Language, or the angeLynx Oracle Deck, go to www.angeLynx.com or www.johnsacelli.com. For an angeLynx or Star Logic reading, contact John via email or call: 773 761 0252.

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