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About The Cover
Ida Larsen

My name is Ida Mary Walker Larsen, I am Danish/American, born of an American mother and a Danish father in 1981 in Denmark. I live with my daughter and partner in Odense, Denmark, and I use both a lot in my works.

I've been creative since I was a child, continuing to draw when my peers stopped, developing my own style ever since. When the Internet became available to me at age 17 a whole new world opened up. I got my own computer, bought a digital tablet and pen and began my journey into digital art. I have now been photo manipulating for more than 4 years. My work is a mixed Media type of digital art; part photo manipulations, part digital painting and 3D renders.

Fantasy, nature and mythology are themes that inspire me the most. Dragons, fairies, trolls and elves are creatures of my world.

I am always open to a challenge with regard to commissioned work and in discovering new paths and techniques. I also do freelance work.

At the moment I am especially interested in doing cover work of any sort - CD/Book/Magazine.

My Official site can be found here for commissions etc.

You can buy my art prints and ACEO's here.

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Copyright (c) 2006 Ida Mary Walker Larsen "Low Tide"





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