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Overcoming Resistance to Change
by Rev. Cheryl Jewett


Body, mind, and soul. Truly, getting in touch with this ONENESS through the cycles of our lives and of Nature can give us a deep and abiding sense that we are simply weaving around and through the Divine Circle of Life and Love. In a very real sense, you are making miracles through diverting thoughts and actions toward the Divine Light.

It reminds me of dandelions in their fluffy stage. Through some force of Nature - a breeze sending them skipping merrily along or a child blowing the fluff into the air—those dandelion seeds ride the updrafts and wind currents to who knows where? Then, the dandelion seeds, caught in a lull in the wind, float gently to earth where the seeds take root, only to begin again this endless process. The cold pure snows of winter, the joyous re-budding in the spring, the lazy hazy days of summer, the blazing glory of autumn colours heralding preparation for hibernation. The leaves that fall in autumn prepare the way as mulch for the next season's growth. This transition process is described by William Bridges in his book, Transitions as "really a loop in the life-journey, a getting out and away from the main flow for a time and a coming around and back."

Like it or not, transitions are simply a part of life. Acknowledging that fact and working with it, can ease life significantly. And, by recognizing that nothing is constant except the God-Spirit. Through connecting with our spiritual nature, we discover the wisdom, love, and courage we need to make it through a transition, a crisis, a turning point. Whether the change is linear or circular, it truly is a flowing in and flowing out, an icing and melting of water, a rising and falling of temperature, a fullness and an emptiness of the stomach… and beyond. But whether a transition has a beginning and ending or simply a circular path, change can manifest in a multitude of ways… just as a part of nature, or perhaps by changing one's habits or thoughts. In essence, change is Energy, Divine Energy, i.e., a seed sown in the mind.

Remember the fluff of the dandelion seeds? Undisturbed, the dandelion senses within, that growth is complete, and drops its seeds to the ground. Otherwise, the seeds ride with the wind, frolicking here and there, seeking a new home. Seedlings fall and scatter to Mother Earth, beginning again their life cycle—thus, self-renewal of that perky delightful dandelion.

As William Bridges states: "Always… always, there is an emptiness and germination in between." An inner change that senses a time to move on and continue our marvellous life-journey. A tiny seed of hope and courage to the abused woman, so she can find her way out. A wee inkling of wisdom which enables one to change a bad habit or thought process. A teeny bit of self-love in one who only sees hatefulness, anger, and bitterness within. Through entering this neutral zone, you can allow your mind to refocus on this renewal of life and unfold in the manner God intended.

This is the key, refocusing, re-framing, and changing your perspectives and thoughts. Undoubtedly, this can also be a time of tremendous confusion and dread for people. Having felt that a certain type of life they now had was best for them, they suddenly feel unfulfilled, adrift and lost in life. They wonder why they are even thinking about a change of some sort, it's extremely discomforting for them. And usually, it's due to fear of the unknown. What if I jump out of the pan into the fire, they surmise. Maybe, this is just a phase, they suggest. Resistance… resistance. Confusion and dread can be good, though, because it means you are THINKING about the situation rather than brushing it away, minimizing and negating your feelings. By allowing the mind to work on it and going within, asking for Spirit to guide us, we find the answers needed.

Change—the only constant in life—no question there. Some change asked for, others not. Some change entering your life can be as swift and devastating as a tsunami or as gentle and loving as the simple everyday ebb and flow of the ocean. The trick is in the management of change. People tend to be uncomfortable with it, but I hope to bring an ease to it with some of my suggestions.

First and foremost, learn to trust the God-Spirit within. And, trust in your ability to handle change. That's a good place to begin. If the change is unwelcome, try to be calm. Try your best NOT to over-react. And, don't waste time blaming yourself or others. Remember what Carl Jung said, "One doesn't solve problems; one outgrows them." So, in the morning or whenever you feel the need, ask for Divine Guidance. Then, give thanks you are guided.

Guide To Overcoming Resistance To Change

Recognizing the obstacles in your way to overcoming your resistance to change is crucial. You need to face your false irrational beliefs and replace them with more positive powerful ones.

Do you hold an irrational belief that you don't have it within you, whatever "it" is?

Seek and embrace a belief, a sensing, a feeling, and yes more powerfully, a knowing that the Great God-Spirit is within you, and that all things are possible.

Have you always embraced a false belief that the world is a scary place to be?

Since most fears come from a sense of lack and limitation, from fear of the unknown, just by hearing and acknowledging the wisdom of God within, the Universe within you, those groundless fears will seem trivial compared to the magnificence of the wholeness of who and what you are. You are a blessed and talented child of the Universe. Always remember what Edgar Cayce said about fear, "Fear is the greatest crippler of all. No single emotion or attitude does us more damage."

Do you irrationally believe that others are better than you are, and that you don't have sufficient abilities?

By recognizing the Great God-Spirit's presence within, you can know that you are equal to anyone. Everyone's Higher Power is the same spiritual presence within. You are not inferior nor superior to anyone. You are a unique blending of God-Spirit and you.

Do you falsely believe that because you have failed in the past, you probably will fail in the future? Or that you should not succeed because you do not deserve to succeed?

Realize that all failures are preparation, adjustment, and re-direction leading the way to success. There is no failure, simply a discovery of ways things do not work until you discover the one that's workable. And, understand that there is no such thing as not deserving to thrive. Perhaps, what is needed is a clearer definition of what success means to you. And, an acceptance that you might just be prejudiced against yourself, as so many of us blindly are.

Have you always believed falsely that you are just naturally too shy, too self-conscious?

Allow the Great God-Spirit's presence within you to be a spiritual foundation for self-confidence. Think of the "self" in that word as a self that is ONE with the spiritual presence of the Universe. Seek to believe more in your God-self-confidence.

Do you need to erase irrational beliefs such as that change is bad, change is scary, change is to be avoided at all costs, and so on? Change is merely a fact of life, and would we want it any other way? Would we want to remain a toddler, a teenager, an embittered divorcee, an angry griever?

Yes, life does indeed move on, but that's a good thing. We have so much to learn here in this lifetime on Planet Earth. Life is what it is, with all the grand opportunities and miserable tragedies.

"Through the God-Power within me, my consciousness has risen above the consciousness of my problem."  

Cheryl, from Michigan, says, "Having had Multiple Sclerosis for almost thirty years, I've learned much about adapting and squeezing joy out of life. Therefore, I am a metaphysical minister who believes God is in everything, everywhere. And, the Sweet God-Spirit surely lives in my little Maya-puppy, who kept me connected with life after my youngest son was killed in a freak automobile accident ten years ago."

Cheryl seeks to inspire healing, so she developed a website dedicated to those who are grieving.

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