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Foods which Create Health
by Elyse Nuff

Here they are - super foods - organic living raw foods. No processing, no powders, no preservatives, no packaging and no chemicals. Right from the garden to the table.  

The Organic Living Raw Food Lifestyle is the optimum health way to a much better life. The Organic Living Raw Foods are the foods the body requires to be healthy and sustain life in the body. The nutrients and freshness of the foods makes the body jump for joy each and every time they are eaten. Literally the body becomes a new person when the organic living foods are ingested and enjoyed.  

The enzymes in the foods are our "spark" of life and are what gives the body true life and energy. Without them the body becomes sluggish and unresponsive to being alive. When we are born we have a reserve of enzymes that the body operates on until it is given "live" enzymes to replace the ones eaten up by our body doing each and every thing we do each day. Even blinking requires enzymes and energy to do. These enzymes become depleted when not replaced by "live" enzymes and the body becomes lethargic and starts breaking down sooner that it should. We can see this each day as we look around and see those that are not very well in their life.  

Dis-ease is rampart right now in our society and it is because the body cannot adapt any longer to what we are doing to it. Our diets or the food we eat are not the kind of foods the body can even use in order to be healthy. Therefore we must begin to look at the reasons that the body is breaking down and find the solutions that will allow and assist the body in becoming healthy once again. This is not a pie in the sky statement at all, when you look at the people who have decided to change their health by changing the way they eat and what they eat. They have become vital, lost weight, become energetic, very strong, and have a stamina that goes on and on. This is not an accident. This is because the body is getting the live nutrition from the organic living foods that are being eaten on a daily basis.  

The body is able to clean out the toxins and begin the healing and rejuvenating process to become a healthy specimen once again. How does this happen you say, when the diets that are pushed out in front of us are already supposed to be doing this work? They cannot. The foods are cooked to the point that there are no nutrients left in them. Anything that is heated over 105 degrees F. is no longer holding any nutritional value. It has been cooked out of them or it is dead food to the body. This food makes the body work very hard to try and digest it and get any nutrition out of it that it can. It also works very hard to push this food through the body so that it doesn't poison it any further with toxins. This labouring by the body is very hard on all the organs and glands especially when they are compromised with toxins to begin with. There is a lot of high blood pressure caused by this action as the organs and glands struggle to keep the body functioning in a proper manner. That is such a load on the body that it begins to break down and all kinds of dis-eases occur in the body. We are looking at a society of people that are no longer in control of their body health because of the foods that they ingest on a daily basis.  

Eating these foods have become habits and it is very difficult to try and change these sometimes. To change ones eating habits one must look at what and the quantity that is being eaten and see where it is taking them on the road to health. Is it a good place or is it a compromising place? That is for each one to decide.  

The organic living raw foods will take you on the road to good health and a very vital energetic life if you choose to do it. The choice is entirely up to the individual and each person will do it in a different manner. As we must, as the body chemistry is different in each person and cannot be treated in a general way at all.  

Each person must approach the change of diet according to the manner in which their body operates. Do you need to juice some of your foods for optimum digestion and rebuild the blood and digestive enzymes? Do you need to smoothie your food to have it get into the system faster with not so much digestion? Can you eat the foods straight from the garden? Are there reasons you cannot eat the Living Raw foods at the moment? See what the reason is. Talk it over with a Living Foods Nutritionist to find what kind of ways there are that you can change your diet for the optimum benefits of yourself.  

For more information about the Organic Living Raw Foods Lifestyle you may contact Elyse eekc@ssisland.com, or call 1-250-220-2099.

She is a Living Raw Foods Nutritionist, Certified Live Raw Foods Chef, Holistic Health Practitioner and Author of the book "Alive 'n Raw… As Nature Intended". She does consultations, seminars and Boot Camp Retreats on The Organic Living Raw Foods Lifestyle.  

In her practice Elyse also does the Muscle Energy Technique, Karmic Healing and Clearing, Chakra Balancing and Cellular Healing. She also tests your body through the energy in your body to determine what the body needs for healing.  

Elyse is offering 5-Course Organic Living Raw Food Dinners and an Inspirational Movie for Vancouver Island Communities, the mainland and Sunshine Coast. She also holds a "Learning to Prepare Living Foods in Your Kitchen" workshop the following day. Watch for one in your area.

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