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Strong Minds and Powerful Hearts of Undying Spirit
by Marlene Buffa

The human spirit is comprised of more than will and temperament. A combination of many facets of character, the spirit bursts forth in strength, power, will and focus. Peppered with personality traits, the soul decides how to express itself to the outside world. The spirit also moves purposely through life as a robust oarsman, fording the waters of circumstance with assuredness and ease, ever determined to reach the shores of realization and fulfillment. The essence within each individual progresses more and more each day, propelled by a strong mind and a powerful heart that grasps the world and ploughs the fields of life.


During a challenge, the strong among us put aside inevitable fear and unknowing to find new pathways to answers and solutions. A challenge serves as a gift from life to enable us to grow and thrive and expand our abilities and consciousness. When either battling or surrendering to a challenge, the mettle demonstrated finds its source in self-awareness and love. Succeeding or overcoming a challenge results from the ability of the spirit to visualize beyond the current possibilities: to say Yes where there are only Nos, to find the unlikely turn in a labyrinth of decisions and dilemmas. Answers come not from ether, rather from a focused mind and undying spirit.


When others assault your spirit, remember to hold close the spear of your integrity and the shield of your honour. These two armaments protect you from the battering words and actions of ill-intentioned menaces who derive satisfaction from attacking your glorious spirit. Powered by these qualities, you deflect negativity, sending it clashing onto the next victim. Most spiritual attacks spawn from inner chaos breaking out to the nearest or easiest target. Keep mindful of your powerful spirit and know that the attacks against you have nothing to do with you.


Stay focused in your heart and mind to matters which bring growth and service to your life. Easily distracted, thoughts flow from one idea to the next, rarely completing one concept before moving on. Fully explore, imagine and envision each idea that may bring you happiness. Feel it, touch it, taste it, smell it and see it in full detail, in first person. Keep your focus as a laser beam and your aim direct. Once you experience the full bounty of the gift of ideas, you may easier find momentum into fulfillment.


A determined spirit rarely shrinks from the complexities of life. Ever vigilant in achieving goals or overcoming adversity, the wilful are often seen as bulls rampaging through daily life. Instead, possess the will of a spider. Weave your web with determination and grandeur while seizing gifts from life when they appear and also seek nourishment of spirit outside of the web, or comfort zone. Adept at creating a haven which also serves as a trap for growing ideas as well as capturing them, like an arachnid, patiently and quietly weave your way through life and cherish the abundance that comes your way.

Strength of body may fare well for life's travels. Strength of spirit bodes you well for matters of the heart and soul as well as the unseen. What remains memorable long after the soul leaves the body is not formidable physical strength, for we all remain students in the eyes of the Universe. An unforgotten spirit is remembered for itís vibrancy and resonance and amazing insight in knowing itself and itís place in the world.

Time is kind to those who make the most of it. There is only one "you" who ever existed in the blip in time of the earth. Your strength of spirit keeps you eternally alive.

Give us all a reason to remember you!

Taking a quiet sideways glance at life, Marlene offers insight through her words from experiences. A student of new-thought teachings, Marlene finds practical spirituality around every corner and seeks wisdom through observation of life's inter-relationships. Sometimes playful, sometimes poignant, always thought-provoking, her writing inspires readers in meaningful ways. www.wordsofmind.com

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