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Being Mindful
The Tides of Change are Waves Inside of You

by Janet Alston Jackson

When we think of change, we tend to think of how the world has rapidly evolved. Too often, we are looking outside of ourselves and feeling disturbed by what we see. There is no doubt, man has seen incredible changes lately in the weather around the world, and with the digital age we live in. Before we can get our new computer home from the store, it's almost outdated.

But we are missing the very lesson of change if we don't look inside ourselves. There is a profound Buddhist lesson on Impermanence which is the tides of change. Waves are like the changes in our life. The wave has a beginning, and an ending like our experiences including our problems. We must look at ourselves as the water; we can expect change like the waves which are the natural flow of our lives. And, we can reduce our suffering by understanding waves come and go. Any hard times that we are experiencing will fall away like the wave in the water. So if we are the water… we must flow and accept change.

Everything in nature shows us that we are all part of the tides of change. The beauty of this is we can fully enjoy a rose because we know that it will soon decompose. So the lesson is to be truly present in our lives and to enjoy it to the fullest.

As our children grow, we can appreciate them like the rose, because we know that they too are the tides of change, and that small body will evolve. But too often we forget this when we are embroiled in an argument with them and are disappointed. Sometimes we wish they could grow up faster, and see things from our perspective. Thich Nhat Hahn, the international Zen Master says that when we are engaged in an argument or we are angry with someone, we must think… how will this matter 300 years from now? Would I care about this then?

If we look at children, and others in our world who seem difficult, from that perspective, we can know that the tides of change are within them too. There is a saying that if you wait long enough, and be patient, people will show you the good within them.

The key is not to attach ourselves to the waves of life, whether they are good or bad. The only thing that stays the same is changes. That's comforting when we are experiencing turmoil, and remembering like it says in the Bible, 'This too shall pass.' And, we can use the understanding of the tides of change when we are having good times with those we love to truly appreciate them, that experience and relationship will eventually change too.

And thinking of our problems, if we are like water, we can be the river flowing downstream. We can find ways to flow around the stones and boulders of life's problems that get in our way. Sometimes the detours we take in our lives turn out to be the best thing that could happen. So the tides of change within us is a good thing.

Janet Alston Jackson is the author of "A Cry for Light: A Journey into Love." To order books and CD's, schedule Janet for speaking engagements, or subscribe to Janet's newsletter, visit her website, email, or call Self Awareness Trainings toll free 1-877-796-8288. You can order Janet's book: click here.

Janet Alston Jackson, a certified seminar leader, has facilitated self-awareness workshops to a variety of audiences since 1993. She often teams with her husband Walter Jackson (author of "Sporting the Right Attitude"), to facilitate fun, high-energy motivating trainings for which the couple is known. This unique husband-and-wife team have been guests on numerous radio talk shows around the country, and have made appearances on KCET, public television.

Janet is a certified behavioural consultant, a certified anger management consultant, and a certified seminar leader. Through their motivational company Self Awareness Trainings, the Jacksons have given numerous workshops on "How to Effectively Communicate," "Releasing Stress," and "Mindfulness Trainings" to a variety of audiences including corporate executives, parents, teachers, women in recovery, prison personnel, health care workers, and entertainment industry executives.

Janet co-founded with Walter, Believe In Yourself Inc, a non-profit self-esteem program for children and their parents.

Janet earned her B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the California State University at San Jose. She started her television career as a production assistant for the Los Angeles local CBS station, and she was a news writer for the Los Angeles CBS owned radio station, KNX Newsradio.

A strong advocate for children, Janet was a Court Appointed Special Child Advocate (CASA) and a board member for their fundraising arm, Friends of Child Advocate. Today she is a board member for Child Care Resource Center, which serves thousands of families in Los Angeles County.

The author and her husband Walter, have three teenagers; Ryan, Devon and Jada, and one very loveable Chow named Simba. They live in Los Angeles.

Be sure to read the reviews of her book in our January 2007 Issue.

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