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The Fasting Handbook
Dining from an Empty Bowl

Jeremy Safron
ISBN#: 1-58761-231-3

I just spent the day sitting in my yard under our huge red maple tree. We call her "Grandmother" as she loves to have the kids climbing all over her, enjoying the security of her 'perch' as they view the world from a different perspective. Relaxing on a folded blanket on a wooden bench I sat with this wonderful little book… hoping to gain some knowledge to assist me with the juice feast (fast) I'm currently doing.

Chilled watermelon juice in one hand and my 'fasting handbook' in the other I quickly realized this was a book that calls for a highlighter. Sauntering into the house to retrieve one, and refilling my glass with more of my slushie (partially frozen watermelon juice) goodness I decided this is a 3 highlighter book. I was not wrong in this assumption!

Such a little book and so much information. Jeremy does not waste a single page or a single word for that matter. He inspires us to think, he fills us with knowledge but without all the excess 'filler' that so many books have. He gives you the important information you need to know in order to fast (or juice feast) in a healthy manner. Whether you are fasting from food or people, sight or water - yes you read that last part right… he even lets you know how to safely fast from water.

As I absorbed this book I learned juicing the watermelon (with the rind) is not only a healthy choice but one which assists the liver, kidneys and bladder to detox. Just what my body was craving at this moment… syncronicity, don't you just love it!

Jeremy explains many different fasting assistants - from skin brushing to meditation - deep breathing to writing as well as reminding us that, "If there is one thing in this book that is most beneficial to everyone on a fast or cleanse, it is LOVE!"

Get this book, honestly, get a copy of this book… you may not even realize you want to fast or cleanse your body, mind and spirit—but I bet this book will inspire you to do so!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson
Weeks later (and I'm still doing my juice feast): I have since tried almost all of Jeremy's juice combinations and I must say, they are very yummy. The sweetgrass is my favourite although I think my body loves the apple, cucumber and kale combo the best! I just add in a touch of lemon juice to assist my body to assimilate the iron from the kale. Not a day goes by that I don't pick up this book two or three times… it really is a wealth of information and is assisting me greatly on my fast.

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