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Practicing Conscious Living and Dying
Stories of the Eternal Continuum of Consciousness

Annamaria Hemmingway
ISBN#: 978-184694-0774

This is a tremendously graceful book filled with loving stories of the marvels of inner consciousness. Through sharing near-death and other phenomena it shows how people have filled their lives with love and joy.

I had always thought believed I was not really afraid of death, but yet I found that I did have some constraints about it in my mind. By reading this book and all the beautiful stories contained within it, it reassured me that death is in fact a beautiful thing. Especially when you are open to it, in a concious manner.

This book showed me that the other side is a very peaceful, beautiful and loving place to be. The sharings from real people on the pages of this book showed me that death is quite a wonderful thing. After all, it really is not death, just another level of consciousness or way of being. Something I can say I will look forward to one day, when my journey on this planet is done.

Andy, Keith and Francesca's story brought tears to my eyes. In 1986 Andy had a NDE and came back to change many lives around him, including those of Keith and Francesca, but it did not stop there. You will have to read this book to catch the whole story and trust me when I say you will be so glad that you did. This is a very inspiring book.

Reviewed by
Melissa Gilbert

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