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Goji Cherry Truffles,
Raw Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts and Mulberries
and Rosemary, Garlic and Green Onion Pistachio-Almond Medley

from Matt Monarch's Raw Food World

Does life get any better than sitting down and slowly enjoying a Goji Cherry Truffle? I have to tell you - these are one of my all-time creamy, smooth treats. One or two truffles are all you need to tame that chocolate/sweet craving. Of course, the Raw Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts and Mulberries are a nice crunchy alternative. They have mulberries stuck to the Brazil nuts and it's all dipped in raw organic chocolate… mmm it is simply yummy beyond belief. I was able to polish off this package in two sittings… not too sweet but nice and filling!

Remember just because you want to eat healthy and you want a better life for your body and your Self - it doesn't mean you can't have really good-tasting treats! So take the time to order both of these for yourself… and toss in a few packages of Rosemary, Garlic and Green Onion Pistachio-Almond Medley as well for those "salty" cravings and you'll be set for the next time you want a treat. I found these nuts went a long way as they have so much flavour I couldn't eat a whole bag at once. Instead I'd take a few and seal up the package, have more another day. So one package actually lasted me a few weeks! Whether it's watching a movie or simply sitting under a big old tree and relaxing with a cold glass of freshly-made juice - these snacks WILL hit the spot - without leaving a reminder on your hips!

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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