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Master Yet Healer
by Alegria Imperial

Time and eternity have closed in once more on figures which ordinarily mean rebirth, dead winter coming back to life. While it feels thus, sometimes, or means thus, this succession of seasons when it dips into the spirit makes all else dissipate into essences and abstractions.  

In the distance and with the air so perfumed—tinged by a tartness that had told of an impatience to burst in the buds—the promise of a canopy of cherry blossoms for one, has transformed knobbed tips along undulating paths into a walking dream of bulbous clouds of pink. Or those green compact spear-points that will soon break out into open-faced camellias again draw us to face the scandal they remind us of and make us demur just to look.

Trees on many side paths that stood unabashed in their nakedness, have since sprung up into such lushness—a kind of greenness that redefines life taking over wintry death over and over. Spots of brightness, scraps of the sun I step on under shades have revived in me, I can say for myself, life in my limping spirit. Raw Food and Fasting Coaching with Aleesha Stephenson  

I wish I could dwell on beauty and its essence, freeze a moment with me in this crystal globe of thought. But I have since become a slave of time. It's a slavery that has turned Time into an enemy because I fight a fierce battle to keep it from battering me down everyday. My heart is a scarred battlefield.  

Yet I know, only Time can heal, soothe the wounds, salve the bruises; only Time can bring the dawn when night slips back into the recesses of caves. Time the master that whips me in the galley is also the magician that draws the season into a ribbon of blooms, lushness, gray rain, white rain, and blooms and petal rain again.  

It is Time that keeps tabs on tears the sun dries up. I believe it is also Time, which transforms dried tears into the stars that spangle my night sky.

A seeker of truth and peace after tangled pathways, I have also found a voice in my search. A retired journalist, I have since focused on poetry and fiction. I launched my first book in Manila before migrating to Vancouver last year and recently received two honourable mentions for poetry.

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