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What's Your Attitude Altitude?
by Rev. Cheryl Jewett

Attitude is everything and is IN everything. We have attitudes concerning personality, job, habits, education, age, financial status, religion, emotions, food, weather and so much more. You can begin to restructure your negative attitudes by overcoming your fears and doubts. You are competent, capable, okay, and enough today.

"What you believe about yourself and your life is reflected in the attitude you have each day as you go about your daily business," reflects Dr Paul Masters of the International Metaphysical Ministries. Is it a belief in the inherent good of life, including your very beingness? Is it a faith founded on SOMEthing? He continues, "One's true reality is the Power, Wisdom, and Presence of the GOD-MIND of the UNIVERSE within each of us," reminding us that it is our choice. We can "either go along with the majority of society living a life of quiet desperation or we can be guided by an Inner Wisdom to fulfillment in life through the presence of the all-knowing Mind of God within us." If you can come to believe that it is not you, but this Power and Presence of God working through you for all manner of good, you will have discovered "the success secret of the ages."

Our attitudes determine everything because they are the glasses through which we view the world, thus the familiar phrase "looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses". The more you can cultivate a healthy attitude, the more you're apt to feel it. It's that old "act as if" philosophy. If you want to be able to move beyond totally emotional responses to life, then learn to foster positive attitudes, or what Daphne Rose Kingma calls, "habits of the heart".

Literature is full of talk about choices, free will, change, keeping a positive attitude… all of which can lead us toward creating miracles in our lives. Whether we start making miracles at the age of five or fifty-five, the important thing is that we DO connect, at some point, with our spirituality, however we perceive it to be. And then learn to listen to our Higher Power's gentle voice, guiding us to an ease in living.

This privilege of choice, of free will, is our God-given birthright, a precious gift from our Divine Creator… a gift which can determine our attitudes and ultimately, our happiness. In fact, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was one of the first to tell us "Change your thoughts and you change your world." He felt that by maintaining a positive attitude, we can stay healthy, happy, and on track. Each one of us has this capability of deciding, each day, how we will live it by adopting an attitude, hopefully a positive one. We can, in effect create miracles in and of our lives! Before I even get up each morning I set my attitude to being positive that day.

Maintain a belief in the innate goodness about you and your life on a daily basis. Regardless of what negative events or conditions pop up in your life, understand that it is detrimental to you, in every way, if your attitude is not positive. As Dr. Paul Masters of the International Metaphysical Ministries reminds us, "a trancendant positive attitude is one that knows, in spite of any difficulty, one's higher God-mind will show the way and/or open the way for improvement". So, make an earnest effort to keep an easy-going consciously positive mental attitude each and every day. Become aware, be mindful, pay attention to any negative thoughts seeking to abide within your mind, and then nip them in the bud. Replace them with more positive attitudes.

Knowing that a gratitude attitude opens your heart and mind to all that is good in your life, choose to change your attitude to gratitude. Concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world, as on what needs to be changed in your mind and your attitude. Gratefulness can do that for you. True gratitude is a natural response to the miracle of life as it is experienced each moment. You have a sense of abundance from the heart, overflowing blessings independent from any future desires. Susan Jeffers reminds us, "When the focus is on abundance rather than lack, our life feels abundant. When the focus is on lack, our life feels lacking. It is purely a matter of focus".

What is your intention? Feeling abundant or lacking? Wouldn't you rather preserve a prosperity attitude, feeling blessed by all the goodness in your life? You can by adopting an attitude of gratitude, thus augmenting your ability to "renew and and re-create… when we lift ourselves out of the familiar axis and see life from a higher perspective," explains Joan Borysenko.

Hold close to your heart an attitude of continual expectancy, always open to new ideas, and never accepting defeat. Always knowing that the Holy God- Spirit, as the manifesting universe, is one's only true source of supply and prosperity. Realizing that God is truly within you, as the central core of your being and mind, can produce the greatest positive attitude of mind for achieving prosperity. You know, beyond any doubt, that you have the intelligence and wisdom of the entire universe working within and through you. In this state of mind/soul, you are confident and grateful.

Learn to see what is before you, to see what is… without judgment, …not good, not bad, not pleasant nor unpleasant, but just what is! Adopt a "We'll see" attitude, and make "Be Flexible" your life's motto.

Maintain a prayerful prayer-like attitude of devotion and acceptance. Count your blessings every day, from the tiniest blessing to the largest one. Seek different ways of viewing things. And, lean on your divine higher God-Mind. With God, nothing is impossible. God bless.

Cheryl, from Michigan, says, "Having had Multiple Sclerosis for almost thirty years, I've learned much about adapting and squeezing joy out of life. Therefore, I am a metaphysical minister who believes God is in everything, everywhere. And, the Sweet God-Spirit surely lives in my little Maya-puppy, who kept me connected with life after my youngest son was killed in a freak automobile accident ten years ago."

Visit Cheryl's website at www.griefhealingthroughspiritfaith.com.

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