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The Abundance of the I AM
by Julie Hoyle

"What does not serve the whole will not be allowed to endure." Hearing these words early one morning after coming out of meditation, had a profound effect on me. It was mid-July 2008, and I was enjoying time away from a busy work schedule, visiting friends in Holland. Our days there were filled with sessions of Tai Chi, cycling and wistful remembrance of our time together in India. Now, as the vacation was coming to an end, I was feeling the energy of the message gathering momentum within, and knew something huge was about to happen on both a personal and global level.

A short while later, the first message was reinforced by another, carrying a stronger energy still. It was, "There will be psychological upheaval." Not long after, the world began to witness a downturn in the global economy and one banking institution after the other went into receivership or went looking for help from their respective governments.

'Financial security' has become the anchor pin of the western mind. It is how we identify ourselves in terms of how well or how badly we are doing. We look at others and define who we are by whether we are 'better or worse off,' and we imagine ourselves thrown into the future, looking comfortable or uncomfortable depending on the perceived richness of our savings and pension plans.

These ideas are based on an illusive sense of 'self'. If asked to describe ourselves, we'll talk about where we live, and what we do for a living, thereby painting a picture of 'where we are' in the overall scheme of things. All this has some basis for truth in a relative sense, but we forget the deeper truth of who we really are.

When I was twenty years old, and a student at college, I left a concert early one evening and huddled up in a ball in bed, with a debilitating headache. I did not know it at the time, but I had contracted the flu, later called, the "Hong Kong flu" which killed hundreds of people.

Bathed in the heat of a temperature rising off the charts, and gripped by delirium, I soon found myself floating in and out of consciousness. However, I was totally alert and my awareness expanded until it filled the room. In that state of pure consciousness, the normally defined outer limits of my body dissolved and I became aware that 'I' was the room itself and all forms in it. I was the awareness looking down at the body and that vast awareness 'contained' the limited idea of who I thought I was which was not real. It was simply an idea. Later, coming back into my body, the perception of who I believed my-self to be was totally transformed. I knew I was much, much more than the idea of my small self and the parameters of the physical body.

Enlightened Masters from all traditions urge us to remember this truth, the truth of the I Am, by constantly asking the question, "Who am I?" Am I this body, which is subject to change, illness and death? Am I my work, which can be over in an instant? Am I my fortune, which can be gained and lost? Am I my emotions and inherited beliefs? And, if not all this, then "Who AM I?"

The global economic shift has brought with it, intense uncertainty and shaken people to the core. When the idea of 'financial security' in the outside world is gone, then there is ultimately only one place we can go in order to connect with the only real security we have: inside ourselves, to the presence of the I Am.

One powerful exercise to reconnect with the abundance of the I Am presence within us is this:

  1. Sit quietly, breathing in deeply and breathing out long, focusing on the ever present abundance of air.
  2. Bring the awareness to the heart, and continue to focus on the heart space as expansive and filled with abundant light.
  3. In the presence of that abundant light, repeat, "I Am Abundance"; "I Am the True Source of all Abundance."
  4. Rest in that space for as long as you are able.
  5. Then, make a list of ten simple action points that demonstrate your limitless, abundant nature. For example:

    1. Today I will e-mail a friend thanking him or her for their friendship.
    2. Today I will offer as many smiles as I can to people.
    3. Today I will clear out old clothes and give them to charity.
    4. Today I will find new ways of expressing my creativity.

By utilizing our creative energy and offering light to the world, we are strengthening a belief in the truth of our abundant, limitless nature. Beginning with small present-moment 'can do' steps we are being proactive about the co-creation of our lives and saying, "Yes" to aligning with inner guidance. Once able to hear the voice of our own innate wisdom, we are strengthening the courage to act on our inner-tuitions. This serves to align us with the truth that no matter what challenges we are facing, we know the I AM presence is always with us, and we always know what to do and when to do it.

The I Am is the quiet voice who whispers inspired messages whenever we are seeking solace and strength. The I Am is heard in the kindness of friends and in the sounds and sights of the natural world. The I Am supports and guides us every step along the way if and when we need to make changes in our lives. The I Am is ALWAYS with us.

The I AM is what is left when everything else falls away…

Julie is a natural intuitive, writer, artist and transpersonal hypnotherapist who lives on Grand Bahama Island. Her profound spiritual awakening and the unfolding of unity consciousness is detailed in her book, 'An Awakened Life- A Journey of Transformation' at: www.anawakenedlife.org

For information about the work of 'True Alignment' and the 'Living in Alignment' online course go to: www.livinginalignment.org

Here are a few more sites you may want to visit: Twitter and her blogs: http://truealignment.blogspot.com and http://anawakenedlife.blogspot.com

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