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Volume 7 Issue 5 ISSN# 1708-3265

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Attitude is Everything!
by Melissa Tierney

Attitude is EVERYTHING and your perspective becomes your reality.

This used to be a comforting thought. Comforting because it meant there was a way out, just by choosing to "be" another way. Yet in light of all the information flying about stating that we are responsible for our own happiness, plus there's a secret, and then that our own thoughts (sometimes with a mind of their own) become our reality, it can fill us with fearful ideas of inadequacy. If we just cannot make the journey to happy, we might experience guilt. We have failed ourselves.

"What's wrong with me? I'm cursing myself with my poor attitude! Why can't I just turn it around?"

What we really need is to remember that changing a belief system toward positivity takes baby steps. No great changes, no pressure on ourselves. That in and of itself is negative energy! Take baby steps toward a positive way of being, without focusing on an outcome. Let go of expectation; it's all good. Become a pine tree, letting snow slide off your branches. Stand back and watch it go. An oak is rigid and tries to hold up the weight, and branches snap. The pine tree doesn't even notice. Let everything roll off you, and watch, detached.

Don't go negative on me yet. Be gentle with yourself. Independent thinking is what it takes in these times, in this culture. Remember: Baby Steps. Breathe. Just breathe. And then, be grateful. THAT is the key to unlocking the door.

'Grateful not Greedy™' is an attitude we can adapt after personal, community, or world crises.

It means being positive in the face of undeniable discomfort and loss.

It is counting your blessings, seeing the glass half full, and all the other cliches we heard growing up.

It is the spontaneous feeling of joy that bubbles through us when we realize we can always, ALWAYS choose to view a situation differently.

Appreciate all you have.
Strive to make it better…
but forever know that it is your perspective alone that creates your life experiences.

Let's be 'Grateful not Greedy™'.

Melissa Tierney has been an intuitive since she was a child and "saw dead people". After years of denial, she began embracing her gifts, and now spends her time as a Crystal Worker and Intuitive Art Teacher. Melissa gives creative readings (Spirit surprises her with very unique informational situations all the time; animal totems, crystals, found items of significance, [city street junk!], and visions…) She can't wait to see where Spirit leads her next!

Melissa is working on a book of her amazingly whacky life coincidences entitled "The Miracle Phone - Inspirational Stories of Knowing."

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