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Volume 7 Issue 5 ISSN# 1708-3265

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Crystal Power Crystal Healing
A Complete Handbook

Michael Gienger
ISBN#: 978-0-7137-2677-0

This book should not be read from back to front. Yes, this is how I read many books. I start at the back and work my way forward. Finding what resonates with me and working through the book in my own unique way. This is not a book that works this way. You need to start reading on page one and continue on.

Michael teaches you. He assists you to understand where and how crystals and other stones are created and in learning this, you understand these stones in a whole new way! Then he takes you on a journey into your Self. He explains why you resonate with stones, why you may not with others. What it is about a family of stones that attracts you.

Then and only then will the explanations of his stones (at the back of the book) make sense in the deep way they are meant to.

I learned more about crystals by reading this book than I've learned from all the other books I've read put together! And yes, I've read more than a few.

Anyone who is interested in working with stones will benefit from reading this book - learning about his research - understanding these 'gifts from the earth' in a whole new way!

Pick up your copy today!

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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