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by Kathryn Marynowski

The theme for this issue is "risibility". The first thought that comes to my head is "Holy crap! What the heck does that mean?" My next thought, thanks to Olivia Newton-John and her tight exercise outfit, is "Let's get risible!" Pushing Olivia out of my mind, I turn to Google.

Risibility — 1. the ability or tendency to laugh. 2. A sense of the ludicrous or amusing. Often used in plural. 3. laughter, hilarity.

How many times have I sat at the kitchen table, or been with my family somewhere, when I've laughed? Tears rolling down my face kind of laughter. Take the time I lost my youngest child. He was only a couple of years old at the time. Remaining as calm as I could, so I wouldn't put the panic on my other kids, I asked my older son, Jonathan, where Calum was. "Mom," Jonathan says, "he's sitting on your knee!"

Risibility is about laughter, which can be no laughing matter. Science has proven laughter is very beneficial to us in many ways. It can relax the whole body, relieve tension and stressed muscles for up to 45 minutes. Laughter decreases the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine giving the immune system a boost, which isn't the only thing that could use a boost once in a while, if you know what I mean! It will trigger the release of endorphins, which we have all heard make us feel good and can promote an overall sense of well-being and lead to the temporary relief of some physical pain. When we start feeling better, the laughter continues to work by improving the healthy function of the blood vessels, thus protecting our heart against cardiovascular problems.

But, that's just touching the surface, or rather the physical. Laughter reaches deeper; it goes down into our souls. The goodness we feel doesn't stop at the physical, it wraps around our essence, bringing our wholeness into balance. Our society can get so caught up in the physical and the material, and life can be taken so seriously. When we can find a moment of enjoyment, it reflects everywhere within us. Our eyes shine brighter, reflecting out to the universe the joy our spirit is feeling at that moment. Joy, peace, and love are at the surface, knocking at our doors, ready to burst out upon our world. The pebble is being tossed into the pond, spreading out and encouraging others to join in. Laughter is the ultimate contagion. It is a transmitter of joy. Raw Food and Fasting Coaching with Aleesha Sattva

As I sit here pondering what my next words will be, I begin to smile. Memories come flooding back to me; memories of laughing. My girlfriend and I as kids, laughing — just laughing, not about anything in particular, just laughing until our cheeks hurt and our stomach muscles were sore. Laughing when my husband got pooped on by a pigeon during our trip to Paris. I still give a little chuckle thinking of those good times. They are still so much fun to relive; I can look at them with fondness, and love those people I have shared the laughter with more deeply. We call it sharing laughter because, really, we can share it with someone. When my husband and I started dating we would laugh quite often. We were young and starting to fall in love, everything was great. We shared happiness and showed it through sharing laughter.

My life hasn't always been risible, or full of risibility, however. I've had my share of ups and downs. Depression has curled its wings around me, surrounding me in darkness where laughter and light could barely penetrate. More than once I have lain in my bed wrapped in misery, lying in the fetal position, not wanting to be here anymore, feeling like I just didn't care anymore. The tendency to laugh, or even the ability to laugh, was hard-pressed to reach into the corners of my world. I would hear others talking about loved ones dying and feel jealous. Dying was not an option for me it would appear, and I have gained the ability to be happy for the moment.

Being a Libra, I like balance. I can feel when my scales are tipping, and depression starts nipping at my toes. My spirit is asking me to start paying attention to it, asking me to allow myself to be placed in a position of importance, equal to that of my children, my spouse, and the whole of society. I was taught to place myself last, and that cost me the laughter of my soul. I was taught to suppress, or depress, my emotions and my spirituality. My ego has chimed in many times warning me of my lack of abilities, diminishing what self-worth I may have struggled to achieve. I have fought to get my head above the water and breathe that life-giving breath that should be everyone's birthright.

Bit by bit I am seeing the wealth of my self, the importance of who I am, and the importance of finding my soul's purpose. Bit by bit I am opening myself up to risibility, allowing myself to feel love, peace and joy. Bit by bit, I am finding the risibility in the raising of my children, and the growth of myself and my relationship with my husband. Bit by bit, I am finding risibility and laughing at the joyous things that come into my being. Bit by bit, I am feeling more joy.

Maybe risibility could also be defined as the ability to feel love, joy and peace. I can find joy in visiting with my friends. I find love when I walk into my children's rooms at night and look at their beautiful faces as they sleep. Without them, who knows where I would be? They have probably saved my life more than they hopefully will understand or know. I find peace when I take my dog for her morning walk down by the river. This is where nature surrounds me and my spirit can surface and communicate with our Mother Earth.

Risibility: the ability to laugh; laughter, hilarity. I like this new word I've learned today. I have journeyed down memory lane, and I have shared this new word with almost everyone I've spoken with today. I wish everyone's life could be filled with risibility. Wouldn't it be nice if the whole world, no, our whole universe was filled with the sound of laughter?

Kathryn was raised on a farm in Saskatchewan and spent many hours in the bush and on the land. She feels closest to Spirit when she is in nature, conversing with Mother Earth. Kathryn is a writer, an artist, a spiritualist, a healer, and, most importantly, a mom. She loves being with her family, raising her children, reading, constantly learning and walking the dogs beside the river and in the mountains. She lives just outside Chilliwack, B.C. Canada, and in her spare time she pretends to garden and volunteers with the Chilliwack Hospice Society and various other organizations.

Kathryn is currently working on publishing children's stories and a book of poetry. With the help of her teenage son, she is working on getting a website up and running.

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