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Volume 9 Issue 5 ISSN# 1708-3265

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Animal Teachings
Enhancing Our Lives Through the Wisdom of Animals

Dawn Brunke
Illustrated by Ola Liola
Published by CICO Books
ISBN#: 978-1-908170-41-5

Animal Teachings is my introduction to Dawn Brunke's writings (outside of this magazine) on the connections between the human and animal worlds. There is much going for the book. Overall, it feels to me to be a cross between an animal spirit tarot deck and a coffee table book and in fact that is one way Dawn says the book can be used. The book is organized with sixty animals (such as Owl, Chicken, and Manatee) grouped into twelve main categories (such as Balance, Joy, and Communication). Each of the five animals within a given category are described by Dawn, followed by a channeled message from the spirit of the animal. The information is presented in a clear and easy-to-read format and lists animals I've never seen discussed before (such as Llama).

The artwork in the book is at once light and fun and yet also deep and symbolic. Often depicted with henna motifs and other symbologies, the animal depictions are the perfect addition to this wonderful work.

Reviewed by,
Parzival Sattva

Editor's Note: As a huge fan of all-things-written-by-Dawn I have to put in my two cents. It's normal for me to take note of a chance meeting with an animal. The other day a coyote stood in front of me - perhaps five feet away and stared into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity before she turned and went on her way. I don't take these things lightly. I came home and immediately grabbed Dawn's book to read some insight into my meeting with this coyote. Her message was "Coyote as the consummate trickster communicates wisdom through humour and reminds us to laugh at ourselves." Considering I was working on this issue of the magazine it made me laugh outloud. Coyote was reminding me not to take this issue too seriously (which I was) and to just laugh! ~ Aleesha Sattva, Publisher.

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