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Living in the Moment
Anna Black
Published by CICO Books
ISBN#: 978-1-908170-44-6

Much has been written about the need to live in the moment, but less often is a book written about how to do so. Even less often is a book written as if the writer was living there. Anna Black's book does just that. There are two elements about this book that jumped out at me: the seemingly endless examples of simple yet effective ways to create a mindful moment, and the style of writing itself which invites the reader to skim their way across the pages, jumping from highlighted phrase to highlighted phrase, allowing the eye to skip to what is interesting at that moment.

The art and formatting of the book gives it a very spacious and airy feel (which is a nice counterpoint to the very grounded information within). It invites the reader to spend a few minutes skimming, or perhaps lounge on a lazy afternoon and read more deeply into the exercises presented.

Reviewed by,
Parzival Sattva

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