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In Touch with Reality
by Lynne Gordon-Mündel

The nourishment we need is always available to us. We are immersed in it. The wellspring of Life, all that is joyous, loving, and intelligent; wants to offer itself to us. But only those who are willing to put down their mental agendas will come to know this.

There is a greater agenda than what the human mind can conceive. Life itself organizes. Life organizes the veins in the leaves of the trees; Life designs the tiny capillaries in the tips of your fingers. If you cut your finger, Life organizes it's healing. You may apply the bandage, but Life does the work, the healing and restructuring of cells and tissues.

Life has an agenda, and this agenda is benevolent - it means well for us. It intends health, well-being, creativity - and joy. Life intends us to feel joy in our cells, always.

So, why do we get in the way of this? Why does humankind not receive this gift?

Humankind rejects this greatest of all gifts, because the human mind presumes to think it can do a better job.

Our minds are given to us so we may observe Life, and marvel in it. Our minds were given to us to help us co-create with Life, not so we might control it. A world, a realm, under the dominion of the human mind is like a household run by a spoiled child. In a healthy family we would observe the growth of a child, marvel at its development, and over time assist the child to join us in healthy, organic, co-creative endeavour. But if the child is given control over the household and its every action glorified, we have a situation resembling our present-day culture.

The human brain with its capacity for separating the observer from the observed, the perceiver from the perceived, the object from the subject, is the most recent development on the evolutionary path. The brain gives Life the opportunity to observe itself; but human beings have taken this gift, this opportunity to participate consciously in evolution, and allowed it to obscure, even replace, the gifts and opportunities which have gone before.

We have allowed the brain to claim dominion over the ancient wisdom of the body. We have allowed mental conjecture to replace the cellular wisdom, which has been evolving in the cells of our bodies over countless generations. We have allowed the infant to obscure the wisdom of the elders.

All of Life is consciousness evolving, intelligence shaping new expressions of itself. Every cell in our body carries the natural, organic intelligence, which grows the trees, and heals the wounded flesh. But we overlook this level of intelligence, thinking it is primitive.

This is where our culture has lost touch with reality.

The brain, the newest and least-experienced creation on the path of evolution, credits itself with the highest order of intelligence. In truth mental intelligence comprehends very little. Anyone whose consciousness has opened, who has experienced the dropping away of the veils of illusion, the illusion spoken of by the ancients as Maya, knows the limits of mental intelligence, and knows also the indescribable freedom and expansion - the bliss - of being set free from awareness confined to the brain.

The route back - back to reality and rediscovery of our organic wisdom - is through feeling, through honesty, through relationship, through a lifetime devoted to rediscovery of Consciousness. The experience of being 'in touch' is available to all of us.

Perhaps the time is at hand when human beings will begin to support one another in disciplining mental activity and in once again listening to the intelligence of natural Life as it evolves in our very bodies. Perhaps human beings will begin to attune themselves once again with our Source and to know we are, always have been, and always will be, 'in touch' with the nourishment we need.

We are immersed in it.

Lynne Gordon-Mündel, the inspiration for Three Mountain Foundation in Canada, is a powerful teacher; yet she gives that power back into life, moment by moment, almost invisibly. In her presence, people grow clearer, stronger, more aware. They begin to evolve consciously, on their own authority.

Lynne has a solid background in health care, both traditional and alternative. The nursing profession has led her to a life-long quest into the nature of health, disease, and healing. She is counselor, facilitator and co-founder of Three Mountain Foundation in Canada, mother of four grown children and author of Shamanchild. For information please contact Sandra @ 250-376-8003 or email or visit her website.

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