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Dragon Invocation


Golden Dragon of the East:
    Illumine me,
    Companion of Initiation
      And radical Birth -
    Magus of Song and Script,
     I ask your protection;

Ruby Dragon of the South:
    Play with me,
    Companion of Trust
      And cryptic Mazes,
    Magus of Fire and Change -
     I ask your protection;

Lapis Dragon of the West:
    Empower me,
    Companion of Journey
      And sacred Knowledge -
    Magus of Heart and Healing,
     I ask your protection;

Malachite Dragon of the North:
    Consecrate me,
    Companion of spiritual Wisdom
      And Wyrd mastery -
    Magus of Earth and Gates,
     I ask your protection;

Obsidian Dragon below me,
Crystal Dragon above me,
By all that is Sacred within me -
Hear my Call to be near me,
In this Place and Time.


Counselor and Poet of Deep and Mythic Pathways, Dev has studied, explored, and experienced shamanic and spiritual traditions from Celtic to Native American, journeying the Matrix of Light since birth. She is a Healing Touch Shaman, Dimensional Mystic, and has a book of Celtic poems published, called Myst-taken Identity.


Bill Angell

cold clear water
running swiftly
between steep dirt walls
that reach the sky.

exposed roots
of trees
that will fall
into the water
a few years from now.

sleek water animals
that live
in deep recesses
dark holes
in steep dirt walls
that reach the sky.

gentle ripples
roaring rapids
white foam
muddy torrents
clear pools
of starlight reflections
where lovers stroll.

symbol of life
place of death
majestic beauty
life blood
of the Mother's breast
cold clear water
running swiftly
between dirt walls
that reach the sky.

angel (c) 02-01-97

Angel is a Faery Witch, poet, priest and shaman dedicated to protecting all creations of the Goddess. Retired and widowed, Angel devotes his time to writing, helping any in need and enjoying his grandson. Some of his varied writing styles can be perused on his two primary websites: www.billangell.com/ www.geocities.com/Paris/Arc/3860/


Marriah Secrist

Silence is still on the sky.
But in the distant earth, the wind creaks by, waiting to be heard.
And it weaves to the dream givers; the ones that give life to soul.
And we dream of the crow; the rainbow bird.
Giver of light, dark, dream and beauty, it glides to the pale moon,
and as it shines on the new growth, we aim toward the fairy ring,
surrounding the lonely willow and oak.
And there we join the new mood, while we play our way
into the home of the crow; the willow and oak.
Surrounding stillness all around:
Dark and silence once again.

Marriah Secrist (c) 01/14/2003

Marriah is the eldest daughter in a large, loving family. She is 13, an honour student, an award-winning storyteller, singer, and poetess. She is currently interested in making movies which represent specific political views, in a way which entertains as well as enlightens.

first kisses and water balloons

Jennifer Monaghan

hair of lemon and strawberries
tied back in loose ponytails
with ribbons and wildflowers
tongues colored red
from cherry lollipops
playing hopscotch in the
summer vacation sun
ignoring motherly pleas
to remove sunday dresses
and shiny patent leather shoes
"you'll care when they are
torn and scuffed!"
refusing to accept constant
offerings of sunblock
"you'll care when you are so
burnt you can't move!"
opting not to pause for lunch
"you'll care this afternoon
when you want cookies and milk
and i give you a salad instead!"
concentrating hard on tossing
that stone, hopping on one
leg and then two and then one
and one again
nothing can penetrate the
barrier they have created
shielding them
from the practical world
of parental instruction
nothing can break through
not a single thing
silently they play their game
oblivious to passing of time
12:30 pm, the
boys down the street are
finished with their meal
ready for a war
a childish gender war
grenades of water and rainbows
fly across the street
and the little girls run
dropping their hopscotch stone
leaving behind their game
the pastel lines of chalk
now smeared and smudged
the pursuit continues
a boyish battle cry
super soakers and
water balloons
the girls shriek
in distress and distaste
objecting to the attention
unaware that in just
a few years they
will blush and giggle
and toss their hair in
response to
to the same warlike advances
secretly hoping with
pre-adolescent innocence
to steal
from the enemy
a sweet summer kiss

Jennifer Monaghan (c) June 2003

Jennifer is a young writer and poet who has had a passion for the written word since childhood. Jennifer's poetry has been featured in The Prologue, an annual publication of the University of WI, River Falls, Body Mind Spirit Magazine and here at TSM. In addition to writing, Jennifer is currently pursuing pre-veterinary studies.

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