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The Green and Burning Tree:
A Faery Shamans Handbook

by Tira Brandon-Evans
ISBN #: 0-9689135-0-4

I am going to start this review off with a side-note. I have not worked through this entire book. I have read it and worked the portions (approx. 80 %) which I am inspired to do. This is not the kind of book, in my opinion, which you pick up and read cover-to-cover on a cold afternoon with a warm cup of tea by the fire (although there are portions which you would read in this manner).

Rather, this is the book you reach for when you wish to further yourself, to enlighten yourself within the worlds. It's a work-book. You "journey" the lessons within the pages and experience them. You meet your ancestor guide, your animal guide, Fae folk, rediscovering parts of yourself which were lost or broken; and so much more.

Starting with the first lessons - how to properly ground, and the visualization techniques. I found these to be so powerful. I've been grounding for years but never in this fashion and never with such height and depth.

As a Shaman, I've been traveling Inworld for years through tree trunks and roots, which is not to say it's the wrong way, but using a door is just so much more convenient! I even learned how to see my reflection within the crystal pond - a reflection I never expected to see. How I thought I was and how "I was" turned out to be quite different, and yet the same.

My journeys have progressed, going deeper and getting more 'work' done each time. Now I often see the door open without first deciding to journey. This is one of the gifts I have received from using the techniques in this book. When I see the door, I immediately create a quiet place for myself, and step through the door, finding a treasure within the worlds to assist me on my path.

I no longer feel alone. Ever. My yard and home is filled with Fae folk and the spirits of my plants and pets speak to me whenever I desire (and sometimes even when I don't).

I was able to see, by using Tira's book, the larger picture - the intricate balance of all things and where I fit into it all. My dreams are very different now, much deeper… and my ability to interpret them has grown as well.

If you are a Shaman (or even if you are only interested in learning some new grounding or visualization techniques), you will find a great deal of teaching within the pages of this book. You will not be disappointed if you decide to add this book to your collection.

As an e-publishing company, Elder Grove Press allows you to leave the book on your computer (or download it to your palm) and not print it out, thereby conserving our precious resources. As an e-publisher myself, this is also of great importance to me. After having a long conversation with a tree spirit, to even think of killing them - needlessly in most cases - for our own purposes, seems arrogant indeed.

I strongly recommend this book to my students and friends alike, and I often send it as a gift to people, to assist them on their path.

Using this book will spark your soul.

much light,

Aleesha Stephenson

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