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Goddess Getaways
Whole Woman Retreats

Almost two years ago, I had an opportunity to attend a "Goddess Getaways Retreat". Even though I am a most cynical soul, I had this inner compulsion to say "yes".

The retreat location is in an idyllic community on Salt Spring, a bucolic Island with charming country aesthetics. This sense of graceful community continues in an even more personal way at the retreat; which is the creative result of Yogesha's extensive travels and personal spiritual experiences.

She engaged me completely and woke the internal creative process of transforming my personal energy; employing the tools of deep sharing, active and silent meditations, as well as assisting with my emotional release of the deeply repressed emotions of rage and fear.

She often drew on native rituals from her repertoire of travelling, and personal searches which have benefited her own life. I must also mention dance, because I learned to dance. It is such a powerful metaphor for life. All of this took place inside Yogesha's beautiful garden and home. A hot tub, massage, and the gourmet vegetarian food, underscored an event created to nurture the body and soul.

Yogesha creates retreats for either groups or individuals. They are intensive rites of passage, which acknowledge your intrinsic desire to live in the present. The session I attended was an 'individual' retreat, and for me this marginalized the practice of distressed meditations, and substituted the energy to pursue a passionate life.

Yogesha is a wise, loving, and very human teacher and was really able to engage me in self-love. Together we decoded many of the reasons I had not been able to accomplish this in the past. I left with a most valuable tool, the ability to create a place in the universe for myself, away from the paralysing negativity of the past.

I noticed expressions of passion accumulating in my life after my retreat. I am considering life choices, which would have "freaked me out". Yogesha herself has not made all this come to pass, but she instructed me in spiritual techniques to help me make a really drastic break from old patterns. In her innate humility, she would be the first to make this point. She has an uncanny wisdom, which easily allows you to open up to the universe and step into your place. This was the first retreat I had ever attended, but who knew I would benefit so greatly!

Reviewed by:
Pam Magee

For further information You can contact Yogesha at:www.whole-woman.com or email: yogoddess@hotmail.com

Pam Magee is a practicing pharmacist at Oregon Health Sciences University and has recently moved to Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia. During her search for her own true source she has chanced upon many people and experiences, such as this one with Yogesha. These have given her the tools to recognize and reduce entrenched internal barriers from a right-wing fundamentalist childhood, contributing to the mental hygiene and joy that otherwise would not be found in her humaneness.

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