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Mantegna Tarot
Redesigned by Atanas Atanassov
ISBN #: 0-73870-091-6

This deck, reproducing 15th century engravings, has helped me to get in touch with my creative self, in a way no other deck has before. Not only that, but it is one of the most gorgeous decks available.

You have to see the actual deck to get an idea of its luxurious beauty, as it does not scan well. The black colour in the background is actually bright, shiny, heat-printed silver. The silver is embellished with a softly coloured filigree pattern. The silver and soft colours give the cards a light, gentle, yet rich feel.

This is not technically a tarot deck, although a few of the cards will be familiar to the tarot reader. Instead, five groups, of 10 cards each, describe 'The Human Conditions', 'Apollo and the Muses', 'The Arts and Sciences', 'The Geniuses and Virtues', and 'The Planets and Celestial Spheres'.

The deck works very well with standard tarot spreads, but I was most impressed with the game/spread found in the accompanying pamphlet. In a kind of solitaire game, the cards are laid out in a checkerboard-type pattern. Cards are removed from their group, in order. When you can no longer remove cards, those, which remain, are read and/or meditated upon, based on their locations on the checkerboard. The reading tells you how you can improve, avoid problems and look for new opportunities in many aspects of your life; such as health and spiritual life, your family, work and more.

I have found the Mantegna to be uncannily accurate, especially in the readings in which I asked for help with my creative projects. They have helped me through artistic and writer's blocks as well as inspiring me, by giving me a direction to work from. I highly recommend this truly gorgeous deck!

Reviewed by:

Toria Betson

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