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Triple Goddess Tarot
By Isha Lerner
Illustrated by Mara Friedman

ISBN #: 187918194-0

I'd like to start off by discussing the book which accompanies this deck. Even if you don't want to use the deck, buy it for the book! I have never seen such a font of information written in a format which beckons you to keep reading.

Isha's talent of taking thought and transforming it into the written word makes this book a pleasure to read, and she takes full advantage of this opportunity to assist the reader to learn much about Goddess energy and history. I was enjoying the book so much I almost forgot there was a deck which went along with it!

When I did get to the deck, I was equally enthralled. The imagery and meanings within the cards were an absolute pleasure to embrace. Working with these cards will take the querent on a journey of exploration, which anyone could benefit from - male or female.

Isha has chosen to gently follow the major arcana from a standard tarot deck while transforming the usual hierarchy into one which exemplifies the Goddess, and Her work. The Fool becomes The Fairy Queen, The Emperor becomes Athene etc. Then Isha adds 4 more cards to these bringing the total to 26 cards.

In addition, she has added another 7 cards, one for each chakra; which you can use jointly or alone. Each of her layouts suggests whether/how to use these chakra cards.

Over and over again, Isha asks the question: "What would the Goddess do right now?" and it's through the exploration of this question you find your own answers for living. With the assistance of this tool, you will begin to see your path form before you, rather than looking ahead. I would not classify this deck as tarot, but rather an avenue of self-exploration and enlightenment.

I suggest if you are following (or beginning to follow) a path which is earth-based, or attempting to discover your own spirituality… buy this book/deck combination and allow yourself to go on a journey… Isha and Mara provide a wonderful stepping-stone for self-discovery.

I can't possibly finish this review without mentioning the artwork of Mara Friedman. Her work is deep, meaningful and inspiring. I want to hang her images on my wall so I can see them daily.

It has been an absolute pleasure reviewing this deck.

Reviewed by:
Aleesha Stephenson

These are a few of the cards…

and these are some of the Chakra cards!

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