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Morgan-Greer Tarot
By Bill F. Greer, Lloyd Morgan

This was my first deck. I learned to read cards using this deck. You can read about my experience here.

The images go to the edges of the cards, which I really like as it made the images seem limitless rather than tightly held within each card. Although the imagery is very similar to Rider Waite, I feel it's more realistic and therefore, easier to interpret. The colour is truly what moves me the most though. I love the richness and depth of colour and found it assisted me while learning to interpret the cards. As the blue in the water became darker, I knew there was trouble ahead for the querent. When the silver edge of the sword shone - clarity was forthcoming!

I found the court cards simple to relate to - which isn't always the case with all decks. Their faces and the images within the court cards assisted me greatly in understanding their "personalities" (as court cards most often represent a person in your life or an aspect of yourself).

For a couple of years I read with this deck exclusively, using it with my clients until I was finally ready to move onto another deck. (Voyager Deck)

Definitely one of my favourites, especially since it assisted me from the very beginning of my journey with the Tarot.

Reviewed by:
Aleesha Stephenson

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