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The Tao of In Touch
with Tira Brandon-Evans CH FS

"Looked for it cannot be seen,
it is invisible.
Listened for it cannot be heard,
it is inaudible.
Reached for it cannot be touched,
it is intangible.
These three are beyond analysis,
these three are one.
(The Tao Te Ching, Sutra 14)

She who is 'in touch' with her own nature is 'in touch' with the Tao.

The wise know there are visions, which cannot be seen with the material eye.
The wise know there are voices, which cannot be heard with the material ear.
The wise know there are tangibles, which cannot be touched with the material hand.

Only the eye of spirit sees the invisible.
Only the ear of spirit hears the inaudible.
Only in spirit may we lay our hands on the intangible.

When we look we cannot see because we do not know what we are looking for.
When we listen we cannot hear because we do not know what we are listening for.
When we reach we cannot touch because we do not know what we are reaching for.

To be 'in touch' with the Tao we must be still.
When we are still we allow the Tao to be 'in touch' with us.

Therefore the wise do not strive to discover the Tao.
The wise allow all.

In the moment of not looking,
not listening, not reaching,
we are 'in touch' with the Tao.

The Tao of In Touch, copyright (c) 2004 by Tira Brandon-Evans, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

Tira Brandon-Evans is the Founder and Moderator of the Society of Celtic Shamans, an editor of Earthsongs: Journal of the Society of Celtic Shamans, and is, herself, a Faery Shaman. Her books, The Green and Burning Tree: A Faery Shaman's Handbook, Portals of the Seasons: A Celtic Wheel of the Year, The Labyrinthine Way: Walking Ancient Paths in a Modern World, and Healing Waters, are all published by Elder Grove Press. She is presently writing a book about the Ogham. You may contact Tira by email.

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