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My first Tarot Experience
by Aleesha Stephenson

"Every moment of every day we must CHOOSE to learn; stepping away from the complacency of merely existing."

Aleesha Stephenson

I've been reading the tarot for over 15 years. My first deck was the Morgan-Greer deck (on which I've written a review for this issue). Here's the story of my first learning.

I was dragged to my first tarot class, literally complaining very LOUDLY all the way there. Okay I was even heard to whine! I didn't want to go to this 'hocus-pocus' class and bring the Devil into my life! What in the world were people thinking? Why would they willingly bring such avenues of sin into their world? As you can probably gather, the tarot was the first step of my enlightenment, and I didn't take well to leaping into the void!

I sat in the class with my ears closed and my eyes darting from person to person. What brought them here? Why in the world were they HERE? They looked normal after all. No horns carefully tucked under their hats - most of them weren't even wearing hats! TAROT GARDEN

The instructor came in and smiled, welcoming us all to her class. She started talking and, as a curious soul, I just had to listen. She spoke about self-exploration, the evolution of our spirituality, and overcoming obstacles in our lives. My ears perked up… I was definitely interested in these things. I opened my ears wide and began listening even more intently.

She explained the meanings she would give us were general, suggesting we get 5 books with 5 different meanings and write them all down. Then, card by card, decide on which meaning felt more 'right' to us.

"Look at the images. Investigate how the colours make you feel. Truly see what the card is showing you." I didn't have a deck so I leaned over to look at my neighbour's cards. It was a Rider Waite deck and I found the images flat and unappealing. The person on my left had a Voyager deck, and it was just c-O-n-f-U-s-I-n-g. "How many images can you cram on one card?" is all I could think of. I heard my instructor, Debbie Fortney saying, "The Voyager is a more advanced deck but you're welcome to start with it, if you feel inspired to."

I looked behind me and found a solitary deck sitting on the shelf. It was a Morgan-Greer deck. I was drawn to the cover image of the Chariot. I opened the wrapping and started looking into the images.

9 pentacles9 pentacles

Immediately they began to move and shift. Yes, I'm talking about the images! As I looked at each card it was like they were bending to show me things. A bunch of grapes became overly 'bright' on the 9 of Pentacles, and the white horse on the Chariot seemed to almost turn her head as if drawing me along in her direction.

I put up my hand, thinking they were going to lock me up in a very nice white room with a comfy long-sleeved sweater (and I mean looooong sleeved)! I shared with Debbie what I was seeing and she beamed. She came over, shuffled my cards and had me choose a few. I handed her the cards and she looked at me, smiling, saying "You will read professionally for a living." Then she walked back up to the front of the class and began teaching again.

Reading professionally? I tried not to… but my inner laughter was not going to be contained. Me? Reading professionally? Yeah right, like I'm going to be some circus pony on display making a complete a** out of myself! I don't think so!!!

That night (after paying for my new deck) I arrived home and decided to show off my new 'talent' to my boyfriend and roommate. They both said I was playing with the Devil and wanted the deck out of the house. Since the lease was in my name, I pulled rank *laughing*… they were not pleased about it.

I pulled cards for them and started talking. The information, which came out of my mouth, was bewildering. How could I know this stuff? Why did the images in the cards look different when I read for Paul, and then for Dan? I slowly began to realize they were speaking, not only to me, but to them as well - through me!

I eagerly practiced every single day, memorized some meanings for my cards and enjoyed the weekly classes a great deal. When they were over I continued doing readings for friends and within a month, people were hiring me for 'Tarot Parties'.

Me, reading tarot cards professionally? I guess she was right. I've been doing it now for 15 years and although my decks have changed over the years; primarily using the Voyager Deck - which seemed so chaotic to me at first - I realize I actually found a piece of myself that night. I began a journey, which I never even knew I wanted; but now I wouldn't trade it for anything.

So, go ahead, check out the Tarot class at your local bookstore, you just might be pleasantly surprised to discover a new passion!

much light,
Aleesha Stephenson

If you wish to purchase the Morgan Greer (or another) deck, please visit the Tarot Garden. They have many decks from which to choose. If we are not currently stocking a specific deck, please note special orders are welcome at: sales@tarotgarden.com.

Aleesha is the Publisher, Editor, Graphic and Web Designer as well as a Regular Columnist for Timeless Spirit Magazine. Copy Editor for Earthsongs, head of the Publicity and Development Department of Elder Grove Press, and Executive Director and Publicist for "Magi's Magick Spells".

An Eclectic Wiccan Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher and Faery Shaman, she home-schools her three spiritually enlightened children and is a life-partner to David. Her life is filled with much light.

You can contact Aleesha via email.

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