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About the Cover
Featuring: Kayla Kennington

"I put a crayon in her hand just as soon as she could pick up a Cheerio", says my Mom. Colour, colour everywhere! That was the beginning of my life as an artist.

Mom gave me the confidence to play with art, design, and craft, and taught me to never let the mean inner critic take over. I've always enjoyed the process of art and sometimes feel pleased with my results, but not always. I think all the practice over the years has defined my technique, but the freedom to not judge my imagination, is the gift that allows me to push my creative limits.

The dolls are my favorite medium. They challenge me and at the same time give me so much freedom to play. I call my dolls "Spirit Dolls" because as I sculpt them there comes a time in the process when the doll takes on a personality of its own. That's when I know it's time to stop sculpting. Then the doll tells me what it wants to wear. As I'm focused, time disappears and viola, a new little being. I don't really "see" them before they are done. When a doll is complete my inner critic may jump out… but then it's too late!

The dolls are approximately 6 inches tall seated, made of polymer clay, and sculpted with small tools. They have a wire armature (gently pose-able at the knees and elbows only), then covered with a cotton batting. For the costumes, I like the idea of honouring the past by using hand-made laces, embroideries and other special textiles; pulling them forward in time, into a new piece of work, to extend their existence. Many of the silks are hand-dyed, scraps from one-of-a-kind couture artwear garments I've created over the years. The wigs are mohair and many of the embellishment treasures are from my avid collecting over the years.

Kayla Kennington
19363 Willamette Dr. #108 West Linn, OR 97068

Kayla@sonic.net www.kaylakennington.com

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Way-shower, Shaman with Lantern


One-of-a-kind artist doll. Five inches tall seated. Made of polymer clay and fiber with pose-able wire armature and mohair wig. Costume made of hand-dyed silks, antique Chinese embroidery, old buttons, woven rayon, Chinese silk tassels and silver "findings".

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