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Courage To Listen
by Lynne Gordon-Mündel

The ocean rose up and rode through the land. Thousands of people are dead, thousands more injured. Watching the news you may have heard that in the Wildlife Park in Thailand, while people died the animals survived. Not one elephant, not a hare, was taken. There was a bit of footage about this, and an interview with a scientist, then this fact - that animals survived where humans did not - disappeared in endless stories of loss and horror, reunions and elation and of attempts to repair the physical and psychological damage.

We honour the losses, the tragedy; and it is heart-warming to know that people around the world care enough to ask how they can help. At the same time, however, could we give attention to the fundamental lesson in survival that is put so clearly before us? Rather than focusing so completely on the emotional level of the tragedy, can we also listen to what this and other cataclysmic events are demonstrating to us?

It is difficult for humanity to listen to the level of our existence where the message of the Tsunami of Christmas 2004 lies. But the message is clear. It is clear we are the one species on the planet, which has lost touch with reality.

It is hard for humans to see what is before them because humans believe they can control life.

Human evolution has come about as a result of our capacity to observe reality and discern what is important. If we lose this ability there is no guarantee our species will continue to remain at the top of the evolutionary pyramid. If we cannot see something as important as the fact that animals lived where people died; if we do not notice that the animals are in touch with something humanity has lost, then we have lost our capacity to self-preserve.

The human race is not likely to survive in separation from its instincts.

The scientist who was interviewed on CNN gave his impressions quickly. He was given about 5 minutes to describe how he believes the animals knew what the humans did not. He referred first to dolphins and other creatures of the sea. He said that the dolphins would have been immediately aware of the quake and their behaviour would have changed as a result of the direct effect upon their environment and daily routine. Above them, in the skies, the birds would have noticed the dolphins' change in behaviour and their own behaviour would have changed. Their flocks would move differently. Soon the animals on land would have noticed that something different was happening and they would have moved to safety.

Such rational explanation makes sense but it is not the deepest truth. Natural communication is more direct than this, more immediate, faster and more accurate.

At the deepest levels of physical reality, at our sub-atomic levels, we are not separate from one another, or from the life that lives and breathes around us, the life that is our planet and its creatures. Science has demonstrated that, at sub-atomic levels, we are one body. This is not a theory but observable fact. Therefore it is clear that when something profound happens anywhere in our collective experience, it can be felt, and thus known, at sub-atomic levels everywhere. We can know, at vibrational levels, our own collective experience. It is not much different from the way we know with the whole of ourselves when, for example, a tooth is extracted.

When, in your body, a tooth is being extracted, the sensation is localized in the region of the tooth, but you, as an entity are aware of the extraction. You know it is happening and there are sensations in the entirety of your bodily experience. The whole body is aware. In the same way, when one region of our collective experience is affected, it can be felt by every part, by every cell of the whole body.

Unfortunately, most of humanity has lost touch with these subtle instinctual levels of perception and thus humankind is only minimally aware. Only when we remain in touch with our natural instincts, our natural ability to feel and experience what is real around us, will we be conscious of changes in our environment. Only with that faculty intact would the human race have known, ahead of the wave, that nature was about to make a statement.

Humanity thinks it can control life. But can it stop the sea from expressing itself? Humans think technology can prevent disaster, keep us safe. But should not the events of the past weeks be living proof of the supremacy of nature? And the unquenchable aliveness? Should we not, instead of trying to control, begin to listen?

It is not too late for us to learn, to recover our birthright, our natural inheritance. There are among us those who are finding the courage to acknowledge that their bodies are sensitive instruments and can be fine-tuned. They are learning to honour the ancient wisdom of the cells, redeeming the instinctual level of self. The instinctual level of self, reawakened, redeemed, can work hand in hand with reason, with observation, with intelligence. Working together, instinct and reason stabilize the foundation for the next phase of human evolution.

Without instinct, without honouring the ability of the body to know what is going on around it, not separate from it, we are lost, castrated. On the other hand, when instinct, the capacity to know our environment directly and immediately, is once again recognized as essential to survival, we can evolve into a viable species.

Eventually we will know the key to this redemption lies in our willingness to truly love one another, to honestly share in feeling, sensing life. Love is not emotionalizing; emotionalizing is an avoidance of feeling. Love is willingness to feel the truth.

Life is talking to us. A tidal wave is not an enemy. It is part of a process of communication to which we have not been listening and which, because of our inability to listen as the animals listen, seems to be destructive. Nature is not trying to destroy us, but when the natural world expresses itself as it has through the Tsunami of Christmas 2004, we have the opportunity to notice that we have lost our attunement with the natural world. We could allow ourselves to be informed, reminded and to see that eventually, if we are to survive as a race, the Source of all life must bring us back into alignment with itself.

Communication is happening. We must find the courage to listen.

Lynne Gordon-Mündel, the inspiration for Three Mountain Foundation in Canada, is a powerful teacher; yet she gives that power back into life, moment by moment, almost invisibly. In her presence, people grow clearer, stronger, more aware. They begin to evolve consciously, on their own authority.

Lynne has a solid background in health care, both traditional and alternative. The nursing profession has led her to a life-long quest into the nature of health, disease, and healing. She is counselor, facilitator and co-founder of Three Mountain Foundation in Canada, mother of four grown children and author of Shamanchild. For information please contact Sandra @ 250-376-8003 or email or visit her website.

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