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International Icon Tarot
Robin Ator
ISBN #: 0-9728788-1-5

At first glance this deck said nothing to me. After all, the images are faceless, textureless forms with no gender and no real definition… or so I thought. After laying out the cards for the first time I had a different idea of what this deck is all about.

The lack of intricate details is a bonus rather than a negative. It allows you to read without the interference of the visual of it's image.

Have you ever been doing a reading and the cards are talking about someone and you get one image in your mind but the image on the card is different and you begin to question yourself? Well, this deck allows you to follow your intuition without that hesitation.

As a huge lover of the tarot and a professional reader for 16 years I have never carried a deck with me in my purse. Not once over the years, but this deck has become my companion. I love the accuracy and simplistic way it speaks to me. It cuts to the chase, no fluff, no interference. It just gives me my reading and I can get on with my day. It's great for a quickie reading during my lunch break at work!

Also, just so you know, it is a Rider-Waite clone (meaning it follows their meanings for the cards) which makes it easy for everyone to use… no carrying a LWB (little-white-book) with you to interpret the cards! Just you and your intuition, which is just as it should be!

So, if you want to unleash your intuition and let go… pick up a copy of the International Icon Tarot today!

Reviewed by,
Aleesha Stephenson

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