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Runic Palmistry
Jon Saint-Germain
ISBN #: 1-56718-577-0

Are you too shy to break the ice at parties? Do you find it difficult to come up with a good opening line to start a conversation?

Well, fret no more! I guarantee if you will invest a few dollars in this book, and then study and apply the information it contains, they'll be lining up to thrust their hands into yours with cries of "Read mine, read mine!"

Palmistry is one of the oldest sciences, and once you take the trouble to learn the art, the information available about people is so clear and easy-to-read!

Runic Palmistry by Jon Saint-Germain is couched in Norse terminology, (you gathered it would be, by the mention of the Runes) but don't let the names of Norse Gods applied to the fingers and the lines on the hand overwhelm you.

You can clearly see which finger is which, and the illustrations of the lines in the hand are so easy to follow; in no time at all you'll be reading palms like an old pro.

And then there's all the great info on the Runes. If you haven't yet gotten "into" the Runes, you'll find it fascinating. If you're already a "rune-ster", discovering these ancient symbols actually in your palm is enlightening, and the individual stories of the Norse mythology is fascinating reading.

The bonus here people; the really big bonus is - by learning the art of palmistry you will not only get a better handle on who you are - you'll be able to check out better candidates for friends and/or partners at parties. No longer relying on their verbal lines, you'll have a quicker and far more reliable way to find out who's who. Hands don't tell lies!

Reviewed by
Magi Frost

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