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Walk Your Talk
with Aleesha Stephenson

Walking your talk and living your truth isn't always easy, especially when you work in a negative environment.

Up until 5 months ago I was a work at home mom (WAHM). I was running Magi's Magick Spells, putting together this magazine, teaching Reiki classes and providing readings for my clients. I was happy and fulfilled in my various roles but the Goddess had other plans for me.

As a "fish addict" with 12 tanks of various sizes in my home (the largest being 215 gallons) - I spent a lot of time at my local pet store. It's a small business with great customer service and many 'informed' employees. Some specialize in fish keeping while others can tell you pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about reptiles, birds or furry friends. I found myself there, standing in the fish room, staring into the depths of the tanks, examining the behaviours and beauty of the fish, almost daily. It became a huge part of my routine… so when the employees started asking me when I was going to come work with them I took it as flattery and nothing more.

Ah… but the Goddess had more in store for me than I expected.

I found myself being drawn, more and more towards the concept of actually going outside of my home to work. My husband retired a year ago and having two of us at home all day seemed - well, redundant. It was getting stale… our routines became boring since there was really only so much house cleaning we could do… so I began to listen more seriously to the voices urging me towards change.

After a few months, I took the leap and spoke to the owner about hiring me part-time. My resume was well suited for the job - I have owned my own business, I create this magazine and I have almost every pet the store sells living in my home!

I started work later that week and within a few more weeks moved on to full-time, as well as managing the staff. It really seemed like a dream come true, since getting things done and coordinating people's efforts towards a common goal is a passion of mine.

Unfortunately sometimes things can become out of our control… gossip, criticism. The way people treat each other can be nasty in this world of 'dog-eat-dog' (no pun intended). It got to the point where I was ready to throw in the towel and go back to my home, filled with the serenity of my pets. After all, a pet doesn't judge you or criticize you; instead it looks to you for love and food and repays these kindnesses with an unconditional love. I called upon my faith in the Goddess Herself, asking Her to gently lead me to the next step on my path. What She said surprised me.

I expected a fix, an 'out'. I thought She'd tell me I'd learned what I needed to and I could move on, but instead She asked me to look at the grass.

"You are walking your path and you have the power of choice. You can focus on your path, seeing each pebble before you, or you can choose to look beside your path. See the grass. Change your focus. Let it be on the light rather than on the darkness. Pebbles cast great shadows."

By changing my focus from the pebbles to the grass I have been able to find my serenity, my centre - the balance I had when I was working from home. It's amazing how much we can accomplish when we do without doing. Focus without focusing. Everything comes to fruition if we just relax and let it all be. Because taking on the weight of the world doesn't really accomplish anything except making us sick!

So if you are working in a negative atmosphere, perhaps your boss doesn't believe in giving compliments or you have some fellow employees who find joy in causing others pain by spreading lies… remember that your lack of participation is noticed. Don't play their games and good things will come to you… even if it's just your own peace of mind!

I end this column with something I was told during my conversation with the Goddess…

"Be the one who smiles and shines… as others are drawn to the light. Let that be your calling card."


Aleesha Stephenson is the Publisher, Editor, Graphic and Web Designer as well as a Regular Columnist for Timeless Spirit Magazine.

She is also the Executive Director and Publicist for "Magi's Magick Spells".

An Eclectic Wiccan Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher and Faery Shaman, she home-schools two of her three spiritually enlightened children as her eldest has graduated and moved on to the school of life. Friend (and mother) to them all, she is also a life-partner to her husband David. Her life truly is filled with light.

You can contact Aleesha via email.

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