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Featuring: Magi Frost

Governments, Corporations and individuals are valiantly pooling resources with monetary contributions to address the immediate needs of food, water, medicines, shelter, etc., but we light-workers are aware a huge effort is also required to repair and rebuild the damage the earthquake and subsequent tsunami have caused to the very etheric fabric of our world.

Just because we are responsibly helping other Nations in a physical way, we must not neglect our contributions on a psychic level.

Those of us who are not personally able to go and give our hands-on help in these ravaged areas do have another way to make a valuable and necessary difference to the quality of life for the stricken.

Two spells I highly recommend for the vitally important task of assisting the disaster-relief effort at the psychic level are serenity, and conversing with our angel(s).

By dedicating ourselves to generate serenity and angelic assistance, we can create our own beneficial tsunami-effect of flooding the auric and subconscious level of mankind with a sense of peace and hope; so desperately needed in these troubled times.

Our contributions at a psychic level will assist everyone greatly - we can send out the thought-forms of serenity and angelic guidance to help separated family members locate one another, relief agencies to find supplies more quickly and economically, transportation of goods to move more smoothly, and the relief efforts to have a more positive effect in every way.

I normally do not give out my spell directions from my book of shadows, but I really feel in this special time it is appropriate for you to be able to read some of the instructions, which I invoke when I perform these spells.

Either spell individually will work very well for the desired effect, but because of the severity of the disaster, I suggest they both be used - first by performing a serenity spell, and then performing a spell to connect with your own personal angel.

Remember, energy intensifies with the more people who are participating, so invite a group of friends over for an evening of "psychic disaster-relief". MAGI'S MAGICK SPELLS


Serenity is the state of un-stress. Being centred and grounded, calm and at peace, and coming from your place of perfect balance. This is Serenity.

Lie down if possible, or sit comfortably. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth (like whistling). With each breath you exhale, visualise yourself floating gently down, deeper and deeper, into a comfortable place. You are calm and untroubled. You have nothing to worry about. Nothing. This is your centre. You have reached Serenity. Stay here for a full ten minutes, before returning to the world. Repeat as often as you desire.

Connecting with your own personal Angel:

If you are experiencing grief or pain, confusion, despair or loss, a lack of hope, or a state of helplessness and you don't know where to turn anymore; then perhaps it may be time to ask your personal Angel for guidance. We each have an Angel (or more than one), who agreed to watch over us at all times. Whenever we need an Angelic Power greater than ourselves, all we have to do is give our control over to these Great Beings, and they will always help us.

Seat yourself comfortably (or kneel if you prefer). Have your spell candle ready and light it. During the next ten minutes, meditate on the candle flame, talk to your angel about the tsunami. Tell your Angel out loud. No thing is too big or too small for your Angel to care about.

When you have finished (and thanked your Angel for listening), visualise the glow growing brighter and brighter, enveloping you in a feeling of peace and serenity. Blow out the candle, knowing your voice has been heard, and Angelic help is on the way. Repeat as often as you desire.

If you need support performing these spells, please know the spells sold at Magi's Magick Spells can assist you greatly. To anyone wishing to perform these spells for the people and areas affected by the tsunami, we offer you both spells for the price of one, shipping and handling included. All proceeds from these sales will be donated to the tsunami relief efforts, creating a symbiotic marriage of money and energy. Let's work together for the benefit of all!

so mote it be

The creator of Magi's Magick Spells, Magi is a Wiccan High Priestess Crone, a Celtic Shaman, a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Firewalk Instructor, and the first licensed witch in the Province of "Supernatural" British Columbia, Canada.

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