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Crystals Rock Your World
by Judith Lukomski

Have you noticed crystals are showing up everywhere? Amethyst geodes are the new trend in home and office decor. Magazines are highlighting advertisements touting rose quartz and tourmaline as new beauty aids. Natural stone jewelry is the rage. Reports of energetic and crystal healings are spilling into conversations with the term vibrational medicine. Gemstones have been used globally as personal adornments, in trade and as medicinal instruments for centuries, so why the interest now?

Ancient information is being recalled on a universal plane touching individual and planetary awareness. Humankind has been intrigued with crystals since the initial glimmer of "ice" in the dirt and we began discovering the many practical gifts of the mineral kingdom. From first providing shelter in caves and flint sparking fire, to discovering therapeutic attributes and quartz-initiating technology, rocks have been partners in our evolution. We savour accounts of crystal cities where inhabitants with extraordinary abilities lived as found in some of our earliest recorded history. This fascination with the crystal legacy and what lies beyond the physical world continues.

In the midst of daily activities, a shift to mystical awareness and acceptance is under way. Accounts of extraordinary discoveries are being discussed. CBS news reports on the Indian medias claim that the 2005 Tsunami helped recover a part of Atlantis. Ideas like quantum physics and the ability to co-create with our thoughts have entered our psyche through docudramas. Books on spiritual topics are bestsellers; contemporary movies and television shows, like Medium and Ghost Whisperer focus on angels, life after death, and psychic abilities; people are opening their eyes and minds to look beyond the physical, embracing the realm of possibilities to produce epic change.

The rising crystal consciousness is a vital part of this shift. It reflects the foundational belief that there are energetic relationships, which can assist us in our advancement as spiritual beings. Heaven and earth have provided powerful partners in the form of angels and crystals to aid us in co-creating a life of fulfillment. Prayer is proven to speed healing. Science and metaphysics have demonstrated that crystals can generate, amplify, channel and accelerate energy. Each element and combination thereof, has a unique message and vibration, which can support our efforts, especially when combined with the angelic interaction.

Incorporating crystal energies within daily life is accepted although often unconsciously. Quartz crystals have opened the door to monumental change in the world; mass communication became commonplace when it was discovered that quartz crystals could act as conduit for radio waves. Today, piezoelectricity (the process in which crystals interact to modify vibration) is part of our everyday life, from clock circuits and microchip processors, to satellite and sonar technology, we acknowledge this powerful contribution of the mineral clan. With the application of crystalline energy the world has reformed itself with a heightened acceleration of change in which people are left dealing with an environment that is moving at warp speed.

This feeling of perpetual motion is usually the catalyst which causes people to reach out for guidance. When clients visit me for crystal healing or intuitive sessions, they frequently share a common feeling. "Something's just not right…" Consistently, individuals are looking for help with finances, relationships, health concerns or career direction; all the everyday issues, which create the tapestry of life. I've seen and experienced remarkable changes as people choose to change perceptions and old patterns in conjunction with crystal healing and angelic assistance.

During a Crystal TherapySM session a client begins to discern what truly is important to them. Participants enjoy the laying-on-of-stones, with a meditative clearing, which ensures optimum energy release and increases positive life force. This clearing is intensified using different crystal grids or specific stones related to the focus. Next energy is directed in the life area to support releasing desires.

One of the most frequent concerns I hear is related to lack. "I'm broke… I don't have enough…" As John Randolph Price eloquently stated in the Abundance Book money is "My Own Natural Energy Yield". So we begin the session with key questions: How are you using the gift of your energy? What are you creating or not based on your beliefs? Once the client is aware, golden rays of citrine are invoked during meditation to direct and amplify intentions drawing increased abundance. Often these sessions result in intense change. A favorite example is when a client connected with the Abundance Grid from the book Crystal Therapy and within days was offered a position with a much better salary and a shorter commute, increasing both time and money in her life.

Many people I meet are interested in creating a romantic relationship, yet are locked energetically. Some of the most powerful results come from answering a few inquires with complete honesty: Do you really have room? Have you let go of old relationships and lingering desires? Yes? Then ask rose quartz and pink topaz to activate your heart centre allowing a soul partner entry. Wearing or carrying these crystals will generate a vibration of unconditional love and acceptance; you'll invite relationship harmony on all levels sending out a ripple of soothing energy to the world.

Health concerns are a top consideration. Learning the therapeutic associations and application of minerals can assist in relieving the discomfort of illness. Copper works wonders for arthritis while ruby can assist with circulatory problems. Individuals have experienced incredible results, receiving relief from physical ailments by applying stones with consideration. One client who had eye problems shares "…I have come to realize that I have many issues in my life which I have NOT faced, previously refusing to 'see'. I have utilized meditation techniques with a specific stone (a snowflake obsidian) that Judith has taught me and have made positive changes in my life conducive to healing and seeing more clearly…"

You, too, can realize the powerful healing influence of crystals by opening your life to accepting the many treasures offered by the mineral kingdom. For every aspect of life there is a gift to assist you. Trust is the key, as touchstones and meditative tools, healing instruments and jewelry; crystals stand ready to rock your world.

The article is written and copyrighted by Judith Lukomski and reprinted here with permission from the author. Please visit her website, www.CrystalFriends.com.

Judith Lukomski is co-author of Crystal Therapy: How to Heal and Empower Your Life with Crystal Energy with Dr. Doreen Virtue. Judith is a gifted intuitive and teacher, a leader in raising crystal consciousness. She blends mystical insights with practical tools for transformation. Combining an extensive background in holistic healing and a successful business career she conducts Crystal Therapy Practitioner SM training along with Intuitive Leadership and Self-Empowerment workshops globally while continuing her writing and private practice. Visit www.CrystalFriends.com or call 949.487.0302 for event details and session information.

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