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Sacred Geometry Oracle
By Francene Hart
ISBN #: 1-879181-73-8

Like an old familiar friend…

From the moment I opened the box, this deck felt comfortable. After using it just a couple of times, I felt like I had been using it for years.

This 64-card oracle set is easy to use. It does not require any knowledge of math or geometry. The geometry is nature's geometry, and the meanings of its symbols have already been internalized by us.

The geometry ranges from the very simple, such as the circle and triangle, to the more conceptual, like the geometry of the Flower and Fruit of Life, which represent Kundalini energy in the Dancing Prayer card.

The symbols come from a variety of sources. We find the double helix of DNA, the angular Mayan spiral, the Sri Yantra, from the Hindu tradition, and the only card not designed by the artist; Leonardo Da Vinci's, Vitruvious Man.

While Francene Hart clearly has studied formal sacred geometry, the artwork and the symbols chosen, seem to have been channeled by the artist. They have an intuitive, rather than a scholarly feel.

The artwork is lovely, visionary, and often dream-like. They appear to have been done in watercolors, primarily using soft pastel shades of blue, yellow, lavender and pink. Many of the paintings are what I would call multi-dimensional; nature scenes coexist with geometrical shapes and lines, which reminds us of the inter-connectedness of all things. Other cards are sharply contrasted with simple black shapes on a softly coloured background. It makes sense that the focus of these cards would be on the shape itself.

The brightly colored card Ka, is repeated for the beautiful back design. It is a spiraling, rainbow colored torus, surrounded by water lilies, and represents the life force. The backs are not fully reversible, but because the torus is a round shape, those who prefer reversible backs should not find this too distracting.

I seldom read cards as reversed; as I feel every card has a positive and negative side (along with many degrees between), but this oracle insists I use reversals! Time and time again, I tried my hardest to keep them all upright, but they never fail to produce upside-down cards anyway.

Not every card has a reversed position. Just as a circle cannot be reversed, the card for a circle does not have a reversed position.

Each card is named and numbered on the bottom. The numbers make it very easy to look them up in the full size, 128-page book. One page gives the basic meaning of each card. A paragraph is included for those cards which have a reversed meaning. Those looking for a more scholarly book on sacred geometry, will find this one lacking.

The book also includes a full-page, black and white rendition of each card. I appreciate this feature. On several occasions the black and white illustrations drew to my attention wonderful details and images I had overlooked in the colourful cards.

Several spreads are given in the beginning of the book. My favorite, The Golden Spiral Spread, is based upon phi, the golden ratio, and is perfect for readings concerning change and order. The Star Spread is based upon the Merkaba. There is a Seed of Life Spread, a Sacred Circle Spread, a Self-Actualization Spread and two Balancing Spreads.

Not only have I found daily draws with these cards to profoundly insightful, but they also make an excellent focal tool for meditation. I can't put my finger on why exactly, but I have found this deck to be particularly insightful when it comes to doing readings about relationships.

Sacred Geometry effortlessly connects and balances the rational left-brain with the intuitive right-brain. This is a deck I have become very fond of!

Reviewed by
Toria Betson

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