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Becoming a Vibrant Human Being
Carol Tuttle
with Syl Carson

This is 20 hours of video in 10 DVDs!

When you focus on your problems in life, it takes a great deal of time to create change. When you work on the chakras, you go straight to the core of your energy… and when you change that energy and get it flowing with ease, then your 'outer' life responds. You find your problems begin to work themselves out and your masculine and femine energies begin working towards your greatest good.

Ever used affirmations? When you speak your affirmations, you are bringing your desires into your mind but you aren't grounding them out and assisting them to create change. Carol teaches us; by working on the appropriate chakra, it works with our affirmations to physically create them.

We all know disease is the final manifestation of imbalance within your life. No big surprise to anyone who's read any of Louise Hay's books… But did you know, when you work on the chakra, work with the energy, and bring it into balance, then the disease is no longer needed? Carol inspires us to get ourselves into balance before the disease! Before our imbalance causes the disease! Clear the blocked energy!

These DVDs aren't about becoming 'perfect' and Carol teaches us we all have our own level of what is right and what our personal 'best' is. Some people ARE more scattered and bouyant… so for them, they are working their energy best when they embrace this about themselves and work with the core energy. Working with these DVDs you learn to listen to what Carol is saying and intuitively know how to become true to yourself… trust in this.

She offers many tools and little exercises to assist with your day to day living but I can't even list all the benefits you can experience from working this program, but I do want to point out - these DVDs assist you to take the time to connect with yourself in a deeper more meaningful way.

Please note: This is not a quick fix type of program. It is a year long intensive program where you work with one chakra per month.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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