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A Witch's Book of Dreams
By Karri Allrich
ISBN #: 1-56718-014-0

Karri Allrich empowers you. She shows you how to discover a deeper way to interpret your dreams - to unlock your own spiritual self and truly see what it is your dreams are showing you. Unlike other books on dream interpretation, Karri Ann doesn't tell you what your own personal symbols mean instead she guides you, through her own eyes to see how she interprets and invites you to follow her process. I found the way she explains her methods to be extremely simple to grasp but don't think for a moment this is a 'simple' book… it's depth is truly an eye-opening experience.

You don't need to be Wiccan to use this book. Being open to the opportunity of learning from your own dream experiences is all that is required! Unlock your shadows, expand your own spirituality and find a new way to look at the obvious using this book. Even your current relationships will be interpreted differently once you begin to embrace Karri's ideas.

For people interested in the Tarot, Karri explains the archtypes in an updated way which allows you to really grasp the essence of them. I know many people who have difficulties really understanding the 'court cards' - I suggest you allow Karri to shine her light - I doubt you will look at the Tarot or your dreams the same way again!

In Karri's own words… her book is summed up nicely…

"Books are symbols of knowledge and wisdom. And knowledge is power. Contemporary Witches often educate themselves through voracious reading. A collection of books can mean a wealth of knowledge, ancient secrets, a desire for learning, growth and development."
Karri's personal dream interpretation for 'books'.

Reviewed by
Aleesha Stephenson

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