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Tarot Polski
Anna Ligero

I could not begin to describe this expressive, Polish tarot deck, without first talking about Anna Ligero's exciting use of colour. What a visual feast! At times the colours seem jewel-like, with deeply saturated blues and greens, and rich reds and purples; yet other times they seem almost riotous with surprising lime greens, vibrant fuchsias and yellows, and energetic oranges. Unfortunately I could only show you six images, so be sure to click on the link to The Tarot Garden for more!

Rather than rendering each card in the same style, this skilled artist has fit the mood to the individual card. The cards are balanced between highly energetic, and calm, still drawings; which all blend together as a deck. Her beautifully executed illustrations show a deep understanding of the energy of each card.

The deck comes with a thick, little white book that is unfortunately only in Polish. Any reader familiar with reading non-scenic pips should have no problems reading this 78-card deck. The Minor Arcana are numbered with Roman Numerals, and also contain astrological signs. The backgrounds of the pips fit the suits: coins are on brown rock, swords over clouds and blue sky; the blues and greens under the cups appear wet, and the reds and oranges look like burning heat under the wands. The Major Arcana cards are labelled in Polish, with smaller English and French translations underneath.

I have found this deck to be especially helpful with readings of a highly emotional nature. They have helped me uncover deeply hidden feelings. When reading for others, I have found they seem to stimulate an empathic connection with the querent. I highly recommend this unusual deck!

Reviewed by
Toria Betson

If you wish to purchase this (or another) deck, please visit the Tarot Garden. They have many decks from which to choose. If they are not currently stocking a specific deck, please note special orders are welcome at: sales@tarotgarden.com.

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