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About The Cover
Steve Adams


Living in Exeter in Devon UK, Steve Adams is relatively new to the world of photography and still very much learning the art of the "perfect" capture. The cover photo is of a pair of breeding Common European Frogs - (Rana temporaria) with their spawn. 

I have always had a huge love for wildlife for as long as I can remember, as a kid I was always out and about turning over logs and rocks looking for creepy crawlies and especially reptiles.

I was given my first pet reptile at the age of five which was a Hermans Tortoise. From then on I have had Terrapins (Red ear sliders), Slow worms, Grass snakes etc. and of course a few of the chaps in the cover photo. 

Now quite a few years later, I am still out and about looking for bugs and different wildlife, but now I only catch them on camera!

I keep various reptiles including "Bob" my Ball Python (or Royal Python as it's more commonly known in the UK), my little baby "Bindi" a Jungle Carpet Python and three Tarantulas. I keep and breed Leopard Geckos as well which is fun and very fascinating. I also have a very cheeky African grey Parrot named "Larry" and a Greater Hill Mynah named "Jack" and finally my Boxer dog - "Chad".

I'm a bit of a travelling addict. I've spent 3 months in Australia a few years ago and have travelled through Europe since then. I'm now currently working as an Assistant Manager for a pet store and I am saving up for my next trip which will be either Australia again, Borneo, the Galapagos Islands or Papua New Guinea (my heart is telling me to go back to Australia as I love it there but hmm… Borneo, Galapagos or Papua New Guinea are very very tempting…)

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